Have you ever wondered how the student organizations of the HKUST were started? Look at the smiles on the faces of these people. And as you scan towards the lower right corner, you will find out the print “91 12 14”. Back then, the HKUST Students’ Union Organising Committee (S.U.O.C.) was already in operation.

Judging from their smiles, you will also find out back then, although we might not know how exactly to build a Students’ Union from scratch, one thing that we were sure of, no matter what, with committed hearts, open minds, undaunted feet, and smiling faces, we’ll get there.

Who are the S.U.O.C.?

S-miling faces
U-ndaunted feet
O-pen minds
C-ommitted hearts.

S.U.O.C._HKUST Students’ Union Organising Committee 1991_photo
The HKUST Students’ Union Organising Committee. Sands did build castle.