Knowledge to help Visual Impaired

I am student from HKUST MSc EE. Actually, I have completed all the courses now. I have got totally 4 degrees from different aspects like Computer Science, Applied Mathematics, Biomedical Engineering and Electronic Engineering. People around often ask me why do I study so many subjects? I have spent around 10 years in university. Why? It is because I do wanna to do somethings in my life. Spending out a lot of money and time. People around me just wonder what do you wanna to do? If I am targeted at money, I should not spending time on engineering degrees somethings like financial engineering. Since I am a part-time student, I have a full-time job. I often need to leave on time after work for attending courses and even working out projects and homework. UST is a good university having a lot of coursework.

Recently, I was fired. The main reason for that I guess I am leaving work on-time. In the society of Hong Kong, even though you have finished up your job well, boss around you often thinks you are a lazy guy that haven’t done anything for the company.

While I’m looking for jobs, employers think that this guy is having so many degrees but looking for such junior position, will he replace my position? Things like that. Anyway, I don’t really care. Of course, money is not my first priority. Am I stupid? Yes, I would like to say I’m stupid.

What I wanna to do? The answer remains my mind for many years. I am not dare to say because it is really very stupid. However, now, I can say it. I have achieved my first target that finish up the degrees. Next step, I will do is that by mixing up these knowledge I have learnt, I would like to invert some products or softwares to help the weakness, to give them some fun. It is not a story. It will be a real case.

My current target is not spending time on study. It’s to spending time on products. I have implemented and designed an Online Chinese Chess System for Visual Impaired. In the coming years, I will invert much more products targeted to help the blind people. Please look and see my will can be achieved or not. I will not regret for the things I have done. Money is just a tool. It’s not a whole of my life. Making money and spending these money to help people is the way making you really happy. Just looking at the number at your bank account is nothing and meaningless.