HKUST Announces Latest Results of World Class Tests in Mathematics and Problem Solving


World Class Tests in Mathematics and Problem Solving under the administration of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) announced the results of the November 2011 tests today. Students taking the tests are shown to be very competent, with half of them achieving distinction. Candidates possessing a flair for explaining the reasoning process also do well in both the Mathematics and Problem Solving papers.

This observation was made based on the results of 2,941 students who took part in the November 2011 World Class Tests for the 8-11 age group and the 12-14 age group. These include 2,617 students from 156 primary schools and 324 students from 73 secondary schools.

HKUST carried out its first survey to gauge candidates' attitude toward mathematics learning. The results showed that amongst students well versed in explaining their reasoning process, nearly 80% of them frequently consult mathematics-related titles; close to 90% of students achieving distinction would take the initiative in solving mathematical problems prior to instruction. The survey testifies to the merits of reading and proactive thinking, which enhance students' ability to communicate their logical thinking and deliver excellent results.

Prof Wong Man-yu, Associate Professor of the Department of Mathematics at HKUST, said, "Instead of drilling, schools and parents should encourage students to read more and lay out their thoughts in a systematic and clear manner. Clarity of thought, reasoning and expression are pivotal to students' learning and growth."

The World Class Tests

Since the launch of the World Class Tests in 2001 by the British Government's Department for Education and Skills, the Tests were first introduced to Hong Kong in 2004. In 2008 HKUST was commissioned to promote and organize the Tests in the Asian region. Since then, about 36,000 students from about 500 primary and secondary schools have taken the Tests. World Class Tests are organized in many countries and regions in April and November each year, and the questions are designed by professors of renowned universities in the UK, USA and Australia.

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The outstanding students and HKUST professors at the award presentation ceremony
The outstanding students and HKUST professors at the award presentation ceremony