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Explore. Discover. Experience._HKUST Student Vanessa Ng_photo

Vanessa Ng, Business, Year 3

There’s a lot more than studying and exams here at HKUST. No doubt, exams and assignments do account for most of our nightmares but sometimes, all we need is just a little stress management. 😉 Living in student halls makes it much easier for us to socialise and explore the campus. Our 3-year university life is short and people often graduate without really exploring the full extent of school facilities. Is it really worthwhile to spend hours on end studying under a large pile of books and papers in the library? Personally, I beg to differ.

After spending my last semester on exchange in France, I’ve finally come to realise the meaning of life. Tertiary education is not about cramming a bunch of unfamiliar phrases into your mind to later unload it all onto a blank piece of lined paper. It’s the time for personal development and to broaden your horizons. With so many student activities on offer, you are bound to have a fruitful experience. Be adventurous, you might even develop a new unknown side of yourself.

Communication and networking skills are things you cannot learn from a book. This is what university is all about. With an increasingly internationalised world, we’ve got to start understanding and appreciating other cultures. The bell is ringing for us try to step out of our comfort zone and make good use of our diversified student communities. Foreign students aren’t so scary!

University students tend to have insane schedules. When walking across the atrium, we barely stop to recognise and appreciate the infamous environment. We must be very lucky individuals to be granted the beautiful weather and panoramic sea view to colour our student lives. From time to time, I would sit under the warm sun and feel how its golden rays wrap around me. This is the magical soothing feeling that nature brings. By night, the opportunity is still around. One of my favourite areas on campus would be the promenade by the seaside near the Marine Laboratory. Strolling alongside the waves, accompanied by the sea breeze under the dark starry sky gives you the perfect chance to relax and set your mind free. If you haven’t tried this, I guarantee you will fall in love with it.

Live life at its fullest. <3

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