Do you like UST, my dear?

We visited the UST in 2003. You were 3 years old and enjoyed the environment very much. We strolled along the shore, on the lawn, and had a brief visit to the library. What a wonderful campus with grand sea view! However, you were more interested in the little soap bubbles created from the small bottle at your hand. You were like a scientist with much curiosity!

“Do you like UST, my dear? Are you going to be a scientist when you grow up?” I asked. You answered me with a nice blow of bubbles towards my face, and bursted into laughters.

Curiosity is always a great motivator for learning. There are many valid reasons for getting a degree, especially in a well-known University. I believe that it is most important to keep an open heart and mind with curiosity, that cultivates the passion for learning.

I would like to be a role model and show to you my belief. When you were 9 years old, I got the chance to join a postgraduate degree program in the UST. It was such a great experience! I cannot be sure if you will also join UST some day in future, but I am sure that I have a lot to tell you when you ask me “Do you like UST, my dear?”

Do You Like UST, My Dear_HKUST PG Student's Daughter 1_photo Do You Like UST, My Dear_HKUST PG Student's Daughter 2_photo