1000 bucks up at Sea Front

Anyone who is studying at university or has been through it, would know the importance of a good food along with a good GPA. Food is what provides you that extra power and energy when exams are near and chips are down. Availability of food at all times is a big ask; but thankfully at UST we have The Sea Front Cafe, a Chinese snack bar where one can grab a bite even after midnight. A place which never sleeps!

You can play poker with exchange students throughout the night and go back to bed with 1000 bucks up! I remember the other weekend we started playing were-wolves (a card game) at about 9pm. At first we were only a hand full of guys, soon afterwards others started joining us… It was quite fun! No one realized and clock struck 2! Tired after hours of playing we all had egg n cheese sandwiches. The melted cheese added to the flavour making us enjoy midnight snack even more.

Sea Front is more than just a place to hang out and have fun, there are times when it’s a common ground to meet up and focus on the academic aspect of UST as well. Since food and study go hand in hand, I sometimes sit at the café finishing assignments, home works and group meetings.

The café is an essential part of all of us here at UST, one may not realise it but that’s the way it is!