Amazing Hall Three Life

University is one big learning experience. We can learn about academic subject of course, but university also teaches us a lot about life and provides unique opportunities that we would never get the chance to experience anywhere else.

If I hadn’t have lived in halls I would not have had some of the best experiences of my life. Nothing beats being thrown in the deep end with other people that you’ve never met before and all having to learn how to live on your own, cook food and get on.

AT 2007 , I graduated in UST BBA economics and finance department . During my year three , I lived in Hall three. It is amazing .I share the room with someone I don’t know at all, yet, a year one student . He is clever and handsome, haha. We always play computer game , AOC, age of empire ^^.

I think Hall Three is the best hall HAHAHAH

Amazing Hall Three Life_HKUST Sundial_photo