16-1-2019 HKUST Partners with Harvard Medical School, Stanford University School of Medicine, and University College London to establish Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases
16-1-2019 Go full charge into waste revolution
15-1-2019 灣仔繞道通車 創新減排可期?
15-1-2019 中國進出口數據大漲 貿易戰陰影為何未顯現
14-1-2019 Fighting poverty and protecting environment remain essential
14-1-2019 探射燈:危險玩具通街熱賣 成分不明盲眼傷身
13-1-2019 讀書神器推介 Kindle神奇之處是……
13-1-2019 The re-returnees: They came to Hong Kong for the hustle. Now, with China encroaching, they’re coming back to Canada
12-1-2019 香港家書 科大資訊、商業統計及營運管理學系副系主任許佳龍──虛擬貨幣價值難估算 或猶如賭博
12-1-2019 較20年前增53% 傷肺污染物南下 港臭氧濃度破紀錄
11-1-2019 八大「知識轉移」賺26億 科大收益倍增稱冠
11-1-2019 華為三年900萬美元資助港科大 專注高影響力研究
11-1-2019 科大學獲華為資助900萬美元專注高影響力研究
11-1-2019 HKUST Forges Strategic Partnership with Huawei Technology Investment
on Research and Talent Grooming
10-1-2019 Realize My Entrepreneurial Dream
10-1-2019 Create My Own Path
10-1-2019 Gender Equality Breeds Higher Achievers, Chinese Study Shows
10-1-2019 時事大家談:貿易戰與朝鮮問題相交織,美中關係鬥而不破?
10-1-2019 More births won’t solve aging problem
10-1-2019 八大「知識轉移」年收26億 科大勁增1.4倍居榜首