21-3-2019 HKUST Scientists Discover How RNA Polymerase II Maintains Highly Accurate Gene Transcription with High-Performance Computing
20-3-2019 Championship, HUAWEI CLOUD AI Developer Contest
20-3-2019 Go with the flow to fix health woes
20-3-2019 科大新天文攝影機 探黑洞奧秘 諾獎教授領導研製 最快一年內完成
19-3-2019 HKUST to Build the First Quantum Optics Camera in Greater China to Advance Knowledge in Astrophysics and Cosmology
18-3-2019 Top national fund opens for young HK scientists
18-3-2019 科大設學生啟導中心 提供情緒輔導
18-3-2019 Opening of Karen Lee Student Mentoring Center to Foster Supportive Culture
16-3-2019 【我的名字.李淑筠】硬朗 剛強 不服輸 烈女箭手為女生起義
14-3-2019 環保署研無人機 實時監測遠洋船排放
14-3-2019 專訪:葉玉如:科研費欠細節未過河 冀內地盡快為機制訂指引
14-3-2019 Who Said Engineering Is Just For Boys
13-3-2019 Hong Kong University of Science and Technology to speed up mainland China expansion plan by enrolling students two years earlier than opening of Guangzhou campus
13-3-2019 Equality a given that stems from birth
12-3-2019 ICT機構82%有薪加 七成加幅逾4%
12-3-2019 科大研科技對未來工作影響
12-3-2019 先定位後研究 科研轉化更順 朱葉玉如:科大辦比賽勉創業 提早與企業合作蒐意見
11-3-2019 HKUST Joins Hands with APRU to Examine Transformation of Work in Asia-Pacific
11-3-2019 港科大广州校区项目启动房屋拆迁工程!
11-3-2019 “UNIfy: BYO” – Joint campaign by eight universities
to reduce disposable waste