29-11-2018 Backchat Gene-Altered Babies
28-11-2018 Claudia Felser awarded the prestigious 2019 APS James C. McGroddy Prize for New Materials
28-11-2018 Relentless march of Alzheimer’s disease
27-11-2018 Jack Ma, China’s Richest Man, Belongs to the Communist Party. Of Course.
26-11-2018 Big data a boost for TCM
24-11-2018 Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Center for Interdisciplinary Sciences unveiled
23-11-2018 紅十字國際委員會主席:科技介入是人道工作新趨勢
23-11-2018 紅十字國際伙科大 開發新科技災民設備 可叉手機太陽能燈 災區受歡迎
22-11-2018 Technology becomes new trend in humanitarian mission: ICRC chief
22-11-2018 HKUST Hosts First Dialogue with ICRC
on the Roles of Technology and Asian Youths in Humanitarian Work
22-11-2018 浸大粉塵爆炸:微細火頭都可引發爆炸?火博士實測示範
22-11-2018 Throwing flour into air could lead to explosion
21-11-2018 Small blueprint for erasing dengue bite
16-11-2018 HKUST Installs New President and Confers Honorary Doctoral Degrees on
Three Distinguished Academics and Community Leaders at its 26th Congregation
16-11-2018 新世界主席鄭家純等3人 獲科大頒授榮譽博士
16-11-2018 畢業禮默哀悼鍾士元 科大校長史維冀與廣州分校互補
15-11-2018 全球大學就業能力榜 科大排16位全港第一
14-11-2018 HKUST Mourns Passing of its Key Founder Dr. CHUNG Sze-Yuen
14-11-2018 回歸前景未明已預視要成立科大 校長:鍾博士高瞻遠矚永留青史
14-11-2018 Fighting disease with data and hope