If you believe that the life of university students goes far beyond studying, then you’re in the right place! Here at HKUST, there are treasures of knowledge, friendships, and multi-faceted experiences awaiting for you. Discover more about our exciting study environment, meet our friendly and energetic students and enjoy the vibrant student life of campus.

First Year Success

The First Year Success (FYS) program at HKUST is designed to help new students make themselves at home in this university. The program begins with orientation activities in August and continues throughout the academic year.

Student Life

Life of a university student goes far beyond studying, here at HKUST, there are treasures of knowledge, friendships, and multi-faceted experiences awaiting you, whether you’re a local, mainland or international student. Welcome to discover more about the vibrant student life on campus.

Student Activities

There are a wide variety of programs and activities that you can join to pursue your interests and broaden your horizons other than studying. Students are encouraged to join or even form their own organizations. Browse through this section to get an idea of what’s available.

Global Learning Experience

An open mind and sensitivity to the views of others are characteristics that can be developed through international exposure at home and abroad.  The Global Student Office supports and promotes activities that develop students’ global awareness and intercultural understanding through personal involvement in cross-cultural experiences.

Counseling & Wellness

University life is full of challenges that can be exciting but nerve-wrecking. The Student Counseling Service of HKUST is here to assist any of you who are faced with these problems through individual counseling and developmental group programs.

Career Services

Career Center is dedicated to provide you with resources and assistance to help you explore, plan and prepare for your career.

Student Housing

Student housing refers to all on-campus and rented residential accommodation for students under the management of the University. The Student Housing Office (SHO) takes care of and handles all matters related to student housing. SHO also provides assistance to students in searching off-campus accommodation.

Sports Development

Physical health is part and parcel of our total well-being. HKUST has plenty of sports and recreational facilities that help you develop a healthy lifestyle.

Aesthetics & Culture

Art nourishes our imagination, stimulates our creativity and enriches our lives. At HKUST, we recognize aesthetics and culture as an integral part of students’ well-rounded development. A wide array of art and cultural programs are offered for your exploration.

Community Engagement

Community engagement has been the cornerstone of HKUST since its inception. We raise civic awareness, emphasize civic responsibility and develop sustainable partnerships with the wider community to deepen student learning and promote a benevolent world.

Sports Facilities and Student Amenities
Sports Facilities and Student Amenities

HKUST provides a variety of sports facilities and student amenities for the enhancement and promotion of your total well-being. Our facilities include a fully air-conditioned indoor sports hall; an artificial turf soccer pitch, a 400-meter track with 8 lanes, a hard-surface mini-soccer pitch, tennis courts, outdoor/ indoor swimming pools and more. Support and resources are available to those of you eager to organize student activities.

Catering and Amenities
Catering and Amenities

At HKUST, we know the importance of eating well in a campus life. Hence, our catering services excel any measures on quality, variety, convenience, healthy and deliciousness. There is also a wealth of resources for different activities.


HKUST strives to become a global leader in sustainability education by transforming the campus into a living laboratory for experiential learning, demonstrating cutting-edge research and sustainable operations. Join us to grow a green and vibrant community together!

Scholarship, Financial Aid and Insurance

A one-stop shop for all matters related to scholarship, financial and insurance need.  You may explore various scholarship opportunities, financial assistance, tuition fee deferment, exchange sponsorship and student insurance plans at HKUST.


Explore the Library’s rich information resources in person or online and in multimedia, print and electronic forms. Going beyond traditional research and study in the Library and Learning Commons, you will collaborate with friends, reflect, and get inspired as you pursue advanced study at HKUST.

Living Learning Communities

Living Learning Communities create and extend student learning opportunities outside the classroom in order to integrate curricular and co-curricular experiences that enhance students’ intellectual and personal growth.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program

The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program is a HKUST signature program designed to provide undergraduate students with an exciting opportunity to engage in academic research, thereby helping them to develop insightful perspectives on their areas of interest and advance the frontiers of knowledge.

Summer Programs

Each summer, we prepare a selection of unique and university-level introductory courses for senior secondary school students who seek for an exciting personal and academic enrichment in the summer. Have an enjoyable summer of university life on a world-class campus.


myPortal is a campus portal that enables convenient and effective communications among HKUST members. Users can view personalized information, from a variety of sources, in one convenient place. Users are required to login to myPortal using a valid Staff or Student ITSC Network Account.

University Calendar

Organizing your schedule should not be a burden.  Not only can you keep track of student events in HKUST, you can also share events with friends and get your calendar on the go.

A Good Story to Tell

“A Good Story to Tell” is a collection of stories contributed by our students, faculty, staff and alumni. Enjoy your reading and experience what makes HKUST special.