Biology Olympiad, secondary school, STEMHKUST hosts Hong Kong Joint School Biology Olympiad to prepare for future International Biology Olympia

Staying ahead in an increasingly hyper-competitive global playing field requires sharp observation and analytical thinking, and with that, the ability to think critically and execute an experiment is equally important. To encourage Hong Kong’s budding science student to go beyond their textbooks and demonstrate their mastery of the biology concepts via their problem-solving skills, HKUST is hosting Hong Kong’s first biology competition for senior secondary students: The Hong Kong Joint-School Biology Olympiad (HKJSBO).

Led by HKUST Professor King L. Chow and professors from all eight universities, supported by a dozen secondary school principals and teachers, the HKJSBO sees the competition as a fantastic opportunity for Hong Kong students to apply their powers of observation and logic to reach scientifically correct conclusions. Prof Chow explains: “We sincerely believe that this Joint School Biology Olympiad exercise modelled closely on the International Biology Olympiad format will offer a great platform for our students to study biology in a lively way, and make rounds of tests a stimulating learning experience.” The HKJSBO also hopes the unique and challenging questions will indulge students in exploration and inspire them to pursue science careers.

The competition kicked off last year and attracted close to 500 students from 60 secondary schools; selected through two rounds of tests, four best students had won. What is the prize for the four winners? An unforgettable summer conducting biology research alongside a university professor, some book coupons and trophies. With this superb exercise of investigative science, Hong Kong and its students are all winners.

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