Launch of 25th Anniversary Book “Prometheus in the Sky”

Launch of HKUST 25th Anniversary Book Prometheus in the Sky_photoThe Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) is proud to launch the 25th Anniversary Commemorative Book that contains 25 stories of our accomplishments as examples of what the University has been doing, creating lasting impact for tomorrow.

The title of the book Prometheus in the Sky is derived from Percy Bysshe Shelley’s idealist Prometheus Unbound, which conveys the morals of altruism, courage, innovation, and care for society. Prometheus was described as the one who tamed fire for humankind, generated curiosity in science, aroused study of medicine to save lives and gave humans language for better communication and knowledge. In celebrating the 25th anniversary of the University, the title echoes its core spirit as a science and technology university with a global vision and local commitment.

25 stories were selected from multiple HKUST researchers from all four schools, members of senior management, and some alumni. Each story was vetted and selected by the Editorial Committee which has taken into account a number of factors including academic interest, societal impact, readability, etc., reflecting the University’s diversity in accomplishments as well as personal backgrounds of the individuals involved.

The book launch also serves as the last celebration event of the University’s 25th Anniversary. At the event, President Tony Chan thanked the extraordinary and sustained effort of faculty, students, staff, alumni and friends. “Although our Anniversary program may have drawn to a close, meaningful and eventful decades lie ahead. No doubt challenging times are also in store. But we are a University that works on creation rather than imitation, can rather than can’t, inclusiveness not exclusion. Always keep that in mind and HKUST will always be able to soar.”

An interactive mobile e-version platform of the book is available in App store and Google Play for free download, which facilitates the wider community to get access to these interesting stories. To get a preview of the commemorative book, please visit the video.

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