Shaping a Sustainable Future

Shaping a Sustainable Future_HKUST Energy Institute_thumbThe HKUST Energy Institute seeks to lead the way.

HKUST is dedicated to being at the forefront of securing sustainable energy. One way it is putting this goal into action is through the HKUST Energy Institute which was officially launched in March 2014. The Institute is dedicated to advancing energy research that can have a long-term, transformative effect on Hong Kong and the nation’s energy future.

The Institute is dedicated to providing a multi-disciplinary platform to foster energy-related research and curricular programs across HKUST and beyond. The Institute also organizes forums which engage international and local experts, government and industry leaders to address current issues and explore potential directions.

Prof Tianshou Zhao, Director of the Institute, said the Institute is well positioned to tackle the world’s two biggest energy problems – imbalanced energy supply and demand and pollution caused by the use of fossil fuel. These are problems that require a multi-faceted approach. Over 90 HKUST faculty members from diverse areas including energy generation, energy storage and distribution, energy efficiency and energy policy-makingare engaged in research related to energy.

Apart from being a platform for collaboration among scientists of different backgrounds, the Institute also assists in coordinating undergraduate and postgraduate programs which address a broad range of related issues.

With HKUST’s strong background in energy research, especially in the area of solar cells, fuel cells, solid state lighting and thermal energy technologies, the Institute is ready to power ahead cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions for the world’s pressing environmental issues.