Going forward

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International competition empowers HKUST MBA students to lead the way forward

HKUST Business School achieves widespread global recognition and a variety of prestigious academic rankings in a remarkably short period of time, and this year is no exception. A HKUST MBA Team becomes the winner of a prestigious international competition – the Marshall Challenge, empowering students to take action to lead the way forward.

The HKUST MBA team outperformed their peers from the world’s top business schools and won the Grand Prize at the Marshall Global Consulting Challenge in late February.

To reflect a positive and vibrant mood, the five-member team from around the globe made use of the international mix of the MBA program and soft skills they learned from the program including presentation skills, multifaceted data research approach and others to give it their best shot in the competition. Students learned from team collaboration with a broad perspective.

The MBA program’s Enhancing Professional Skills (EPS) professional training guided students to deliver winning business presentations, write effective executive summaries, make persuasive elevator pitches, logically present marketing and financial data, impact design and delivery, and defend in Q&A sessions. All these soft skills are crucial for the students’ success in the global competition.

The five-member team was required to deliver three separate presentations with analysis and recommendations focusing on industry trends, consulting methodology and the challenge the sponsor faced. Students were judged by panels consisting of industry experts, consultants, and Yahoo’s leadership team.

The Marshall Challenge organized by the University of Southern California is designed to challenge the minds and problem-solving abilities of the best MBA students around the world. The competition consisted of four weeks of preparation culminating in a two-day competition in the US. The competing teams were tasked to help the sponsor company, Yahoo! Inc., identify a differentiating media strategy in the digital media business.

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