Driving New Perspectives on Global Leadership

Driving New Perspectives on Global Leadership_HKUST Leadership and Public Policy (LAPP)_thumbTo inspire policy and decision makers who are committed to shaping a sustainable future, HKUST has partnered with other institutions to promote global leadership.

Living in a world where we can no longer simply rely on traditional rules and principles, a responsible policy and decision maker should always react fast and search for up-to-date understanding and creative solutions to global issues that impact our daily lives.

To this end, the University of Oxford and the HKUST has joined forces to establish the Oxford-HKUST Leadership and Public Policy (LAPP) Series. This is the first program under the recently established LAPP Executive Education Office of HKUST which provides executive education for policy and decision makers including senior civil servants and officials from government, statutory or related bodies and NGO’s in Hong Kong, Mainland China and other parts of Asia.

Based on the combined strengths of Oxford and HKUST, the LAPP Series cover economics, sustainability, urban planning, social justice, technology policy, and other global issues that are pertinent to leadership with creative solutions in an era of change.

The flexible mode of delivery includes themed series, open-enrollment programs, public forums and seminars, which aim to stimulate deep and open discussions in a new form of partnership between academia, government, and the community.

The Series enhance participants’ flexibility and capabilities in sharing their insights into various social issues and devising more effective strategies to deal with challenges in the decision-making process.

HKUST also collaborates with renowned Smith College in the US to provide executive education tailored for senior female executives in Asia, and other global regions. It is one of the programs offered by the LAPP Series, which covers areas including governance, social and cultural transformation, science and technology and the global economy.

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