Urbanization in Asia is occurring at the highest rate than ever in our modern history. Consequently, to varying degrees, cities are facing mounting pressure and increasing challenges from population density, traffic congestion, air and water pollution, energy consumption, etc. At the same time advances in a wide range of technologies are allowing us to push the frontiers of our creativity and innovativeness. This brings about the question: ‘How can we harness the wave of technological developments, apply our knowledge in science, technology, social-economics, urban planning, public administration, etc. to address the challenges of urbanization to transform our city to one that is more efficient, sustainable, attractive and competitive’.

The Finals Results


University Name

Project Name

Grand Prize            

Southeast University

Urban Traffic State Estimation and Distribution System based on Satellite Positioning Data of Public Transportation

First Prize

Nanjing University of Science and Technology

Travel-aided Information System for the Blind in the Subway

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Graphene Membrane for Seawater Desalination

Second Prize

Taylor's University

Wheels of Change

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Good Samaritans

Guangdong University of Technology

Smart Hotel Service System

Third Prize

China University of Petroleum

An Innovative Concentrating Power and Thermal Cascade Using Solar Device

Taylor's University

Transformative Monsoon Flow

Southwest Jiaotong University

Description of Portable Solar Cooling System For Car

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Urban Renewable Energy and Smart Transport System

Best Oral Presentation Award

Nanjing University of Science and Technology

Travel-aided Information System for the Blind in the Subway

Best Poster Presentation Award

Taylor's University

Wheels of Change

About the Theme-based Competition

This Theme-based Competition seeks creative ideas and innovative solutions to transform cities to “Smart Green Cities”. Contestants are invited to select a city or part of a city in your home country, then based on this selected location [hereafter referred to as YOUR CITY], propose your ideas on how you can transform YOUR CITY to make it greener and smarter.

In developing your “Smart Green City” proposal, you may consider aspects in energy, transport, buildings, air, water, waste, education, healthcare, public policies, etc. Your proposal should describe:       

(i)  Your overall vision then explain how you would transform YOUR CITY into a “Smart Green City” and the benefits YOUR CITY and its inhabitants would enjoy as a result of your transformation plans. [weightage 30%]
(ii)  In addition, you need to select 1 -2 aspects, e.g. in energy, transport, or others, and describe in detail how you would implement this, be it in strategy, technology, or policy or a combination of these, and its benefits to YOUR CITY.  [weightage 70%]

Your plan must reflect the local characteristics of YOUR CITY, including geography, environment, culture, social-economic conditions, resources, etc. It should be environmentally sustainable, socially inclusive, economically competitive, culturally relevant and technically feasible.

The competition is opened to full-time undergraduate students studying at universities in the Mainland, Hong Kong and by special invitation universities in the region. Each team should comprise 2-3 members from the same institution, of whom one member should be the Team Leader. Each university may send more than one team, however, each student may participate only in one team.


10 May Deadline for Expression of Interest (Please fill in the Registration Form)
31 May Preliminary Round - Deadline for Proposal Submission
20 June

Announcement of Preliminary Round Results
Invitation to Compete in Finals

28 July Finals in Hong Kong

All Finalists will also be invited to tour the Hong Kong Zero Carbon Building and the Smart Green City Facilities in the Hong Kong Science Park, and thereafter to participate in the HKUST Challenge Cup Camp.        

Your proposal should be an original work by you and your team members, submitted in English, in the form of a report, A4 sized, not exceeding 20 pages, in PDF format. You may supplement your report with a PPT and/or other materials. To give the judges an understanding and appreciation of the current status of YOUR CITY as required under (i) and (ii) above, please provide a description as well as visuals e.g. photos, aerial photos, map, video, etc. This would form your proposal’s baseline scenario.

The following is a guideline on how you may structure your report.

Report Headings

Suggested Contents


  • To suitably reflect your proposal

Executive Summary

  • 1-2 pages, to include vision, baseline situation, key aspects of transformation proposal, impact to the city and society


  • Introduce your vision, objectives, key challenges, and transformation plan

Baseline Scenario

  • Describe the City/part of the City you have selected (hereafter referred to as YOUR CITY). Include information e.g. geographical location, terrain, environment, culture, social-economic conditions, resources, constraints, etc.  Use maps, photos, etc. to aid your description as required under (i) and (ii),
  • Identify opportunities, key considerations for your Transformation Plan.

Your Proposal

  • Describe your overall vision and explain your proposal to transform YOUR CITY to a SMART GREEN CITY.
  • Choose 1-2 aspects, e.g. Energy, Transport, others, describe in detail its implementation in YOUR CITY.
  • You may highlight strategies, technologies, or policies, etc. or a combination of these. Use PPT, visuals and/or other materials to support your proposal, as appropriate.
  • Describe the impact of your Plan and its benefits to YOUR CITY and society.


  • Summarize your Transformation Plan and its impact, reflecting these against your initial project objectives

All submissions must be sent to on or before 31 May 2015, together with a "Team Information Form", duly completed. This form can be downloaded at here.