HKUST Students Break Record for Students in Need

A unique initiative to achieve a Guinness World Record highlighted our can-do spirit

Handprint_Breaking Guinness World Record_photo  Handprint_Breaking Guinness World Record_photo

Accomplishing a world record does not happen everyday. With the 1-HKUST ethos firmly in mind, a group of students broke the Guinness World Record for the “Most contributions to a handprint painting in one hour” on 21 September 2018.

More than 2,800 students came together for the event, which helped raise awareness for the Dream Chaser Scholarship Fund that assists disadvantaged students to study at HKUST. “We wanted to foster a culture of encouragement and support for fellow students, and build an uplifting atmosphere within HKUST that can inspire people to go further,” says John Lam, a student and also a key organizer for this world-beating attempt.

The team overcame many difficulties including meeting Guinness World Records guidelines, finding observers from other universities, getting enough people to join, planning the logistics, promoting the event, and preparing the event in compliance with health and safety regulations.

For the students, there were plenty of challenges in the way of making this dream a reality. “Even when we faced difficulties and wanted to quit, we didn’t. The cause we were fighting for was just too important,” John explained. For the team, it required passion for social justice, and steel in execution. “With many volunteering members not realizing how much time was required, there were many drop outs. But as they say, when the going gets tough, the tough get going,” John adds.

When you have a job to do, you keep at it, and the team never let the cause down. “Once we knew we were going to do it, we pitched to donors, raised awareness of the event on social media, and executed well. I think for many of us, this served as real-life work experience,” John says.

As a result, the Dream Chaser Scholarship Fund is now firmly on the radar of staff, students and alumni. “We care about the community because it is important for everyone’s well-being to live in an equal society. Although we were relieved that we achieved it, kick starting the Dream Chaser Scholarship Fund was also one of the fundamental accomplishments,” John says.

Handprint_Breaking Guinness World Record_photo  Handprint_Breaking Guinness World Record_photo

A living representation and reminder of our 1-HKUST culture and can-do spirit, the 8 by 3 meter canvas that broke records is now being hung on campus, and it will also be available digitally. With this inspiration, the whole community is now asking: what can I achieve to make others’ lives better?


Handprint_Breaking Guinness World Record_photo  Handprint_Breaking Guinness World Record_photo

Acknowledgment from Key Organizer

Strategic Marketing Team

LO Hiu Wa, Angie (Leader)

HO Cho Ming, Dickson

ZHANG Zimeng, Kate

CHU Yuen Nga, Alice

LAM Yi Tsun, Rina

MA Zoe

CHEN Baijin


Administration Team

LAM Shu, John (Chairperson)

LYU Yetao, Aaron (Vice-Chairperson)

WU Ching Wan, Jenny (Leader)

TONG Zhekai, Derek

CHAN Samantha

LO Hiu Wa, Angie

CHEUNG Yuen Yung, Jennify

LAM Yi Tsun, Rina

CHU Yuen Nga, Alice


Accounting & Financial Team

JIANG Xuyi, Cici (Leader)

Sedrick Scott KEH (Acting Leader)

LAM Yi Ching, Taliacal


Operations Management Team

Tasneem MUCHHALA (Acting leader)

LUK Yi Chiu, Brian (Leader)

CHOW Tsz Ki, Purple

LEUNG Hoi Ting, Jackie


LI Manzi

LI Zhongwei


ZHOU Linan

LIU Meng

SUN Yinying

YUAN Ziyue

JUAN Ruoyu


Global Donor-Relationship Team

WEI Beatrice (Leader)

XU Chongfengwei, Daniel

CHUNG Yiu Hong, Angus

LEE Wai Yu, Zabadee

CHIK Chun Him, Matthew