Office of the Vice-President for Institutional Advancement
Vice-President for Institutional Advancement (VPIA)

The Vice-President for Institutional Advancement (VPIA) is responsible for advancing and enhancing the University’s position across academic, research, innovation and industry domains in collaboration with faculty, students, and staff.


Vice President for Institutional Advancement (VPIA)
Professor Sabrina Lin, BA, MS, PhD

Giving to HKUST

Donations help fuel HKUST’s education of a new generation. A contribution can mean scholarship for one student or seed funding for researcher. Your support transforms the University experience for current students and ensures HKUST’s continued success. 。


Alumni Relations

The Alumni Relations team serves as a bridge between HKUST alumni and the Alma Mater. You can find information on alumni benefits, alumni events, alumni publications, alumni associations, alumni-giving and other relevant information here.

Named Professorship

A Named Professorship is a significant recognition bestowed upon imminent academics at the University. It aims at upholding the University’s remarkable tradition of academic and research excellence by attracting the best scholars from around the globe, and by retaining outstanding academicians at the University.


“Science-for-Lunch” is a monthly luncheon talk program in which professors of our University share their research achievements with participants from the business community. It offers a chance for business leaders to meet our professors and discover collaboration and commercial opportunities.

Alumni Endowment Fund

Alumni Endowment Fund (AEF) is HKUST’s first-ever endowment fund to receive donations mainly from alumni. We hope that you will play a key role in this splendid initiative. Alumni donors with contributions over a certain amount will have naming opportunities of some of the campus facilities.


The Editorial Team produces a host of regular publications, provides written communication services to senior university administrators and to keep the general public and members of the learning community abreast of the university’s latest events, achievements and developments.

Events Management and Branding

The team presents the university’s strategic vision and brand image through raising the university’s local and global profile, and promoting our brand to our stakeholders with the help of a comprehensive communication plan and the use of media channels.

Internal Communication and Outreach

The team coordinates several major annual university and community events, as well as organizes a variety of functions to enhance internal communication. It is the first contact point for enquiring about HKUST functions. The team also designs and delivers outreach activities.

Public Relations & Media

As an up-and-coming international university, HKUST constantly attracts keen media and public interest. The PR and Media Team proactively communicates with the media representatives and the wider community by providing them with our updated news, and responding to their enquiries.

Global Engagement

The team seeks to reinforce our strength by fostering global partnerships and collaborations, undertaking global initiatives of strategic importance, and developing effective marketing strategies for sustaining relationship with major stakeholders worldwide.

Greater China Affairs

Our Mainland strategy includes development of academic research, R & D activities and postgraduate education; promotion of our brand to the government, public and the media; enhancement of our student recruitment efforts; and development of cooperative and funding relationships with Mainland entrepreneurs and enterprises.