Meeting the University’s needs in education and administration is the mission of all HKUST administrators and staff, who work tirelessly to maintain and enhance HKUST’s first-class environment for scholarship and all-round university experience.

HKUST is led by senior administrators who oversee the University’s well-being and long term planning while Administrative Offices support the operations of the University.

Office of the President

Learn about the overall leadership role of the President in setting the direction and strategies of the University and his dedication on external relations and representing the University, both locally and internationally.

Office of the Provost

Among the major responsibilities, the Provost plays a leading role in setting the University’s overall academic strategy and priorities, and oversees the University’s core mission in advancing learning and knowledge.

The Office of the Provost (PRVST) provides vision and leadership in the University’s academic and education enterprise, including oversight of Schools and academic divisions/departments, interdisciplinary units and academic support services and programs; academic planning and resources management; academic personnel policies and their implementation; and student recruitment and development.

Office of the Vice-President for Institutional Advancement

Learn about the Office of the Vice-President for Institutional Advancement which advances and enhances the University’s position across academic, research, innovation and industry domains in collaboration with faculty, students, and staff.

Office of the Vice-President for Administration and Business

Managing overall financial, physical and manpower resources & administrative affairs of HKUST, as well as providing the various business oriented services for HKUST’s community in support of the academic and research activities of the University.

Office of the Vice-President for Research and Development

Check out some of the groundbreaking work that’s taking place at HKUST, and information about the policies, facilities, and offices that support all scholarly and research activities across HKUST.

Dean of Students’ Office

Create a vibrant and broad learning environment in the areas that cover student recruitment, undergraduate learning, co-curriculum activities, student life enrichment and career development.

Office of Postgraduate Studies

The Office of Postgraduate Studies (PGSO) is responsible for both PG student admissions and coordinating matters related to PG academic policies, regulations, academic requirements and student life as well as student grievances. In addition, the office also organizes outreach activities to promote our postgraduate programs and to introduce HKUST to PG students all over the world.

Office of Institutional Research

OIR provides expert support in data collection, consolidation, systemization and analysis to facilitate strategic and academic planning, policy decision making, and quality improvement in teaching and learning.

Academic Registry

The Academic Registry is responsible for undergraduate policy and regulations, and provides a range of administrative and academic support services to students, including registration, examinations and graduation. It comprises four teams: Undergraduate Studies Administration, Academic Records and Registration, Quality Assurance, and Systems and Process.

Campus Services Office

Find out the wide spectrum of quality services to the campus community including mainly management and administration of on-campus commercial outlets, catering facilities, accommodation, transportation service and mailing service in HKUST.

Center for the Arts

Support arts and culture on campus. This is where students’ artistic awareness and appreciation of the arts are nurtured.

Court, Council and Senate Secretariat

Learn about the full range of logistical services that support the supreme bodies of HKUST and the various committees formed under these bodies.

Development and Alumni Office

The Development and Alumni Office fosters meaningful relationships between the University, its friends and supporters, alumni and corporate partners. We also actively seek opportunities to establish new relationships. Our goal is to garner greater community support for the University and help it excel to new levels of excellence in education, research and public service.

Facilities Management Office

Find out more about the design, construction of new projects and wide range of support services that keep the best physical environment for education and research including repairs and maintenance, security, landscaping, staff housing and more.

Finance Office

Look here for the best-practice financial management services supporting the HKUST’s mission towards teaching, research and social-economic development of Hong Kong. All that related to payroll and benefits, treasury and payment, financial services, budgeting and reporting and more.

Health, Safety and Environment Office

Develop and help implement safety and environmental policies and procedures for a safe and environmentally healthy workplace. Take lead in the promotion of safety and environmental protection culture and awareness in the campus community.

Human Resources Office

Questions about appointment, benefits & allowances, training and staff development, career opportunities, new staff orientation and more all answered here.

Information Systems Office

Support and enhance HKUST’s administrative computing and information needs with a comprehensive set of integrated and secure application systems and databases, operating on an effective and efficient computing environment utilizing modern day technologies.

Information Technology Services Center

Develop and manage the computing and networking infrastructure of the University and satisfy the computing needs of the University for teaching, research and administration.

Public Affairs Office

Manage not only the HKUST’s outbound communications, serve as a resource to local, national and international media organizations, and manage the University’s online presence. Public Affairs Office also coordinates international and mainland affairs and formulates and implements strategic communications initiatives, plans events that establish and promote HKUST’s image from near and far.

Publishing Technology Center

The Center provides one-stop design, web, print and multimedia services for the University. It also supports HKUST’s mobile app, e-learning, e-publishing, webcasting and digital media training for staff and students through its Creative Media Zone.

Purchasing Office

Act as the central purchasing agent for HKUST, to acquire goods and services in the most cost effective manner consistent with the teaching and research requirements and procedural propriety.