Press Releases

Our PR and Media Team of the Public Affairs Office writes and distributes press releases electronically to members of the media.  Archives of the press release are available online from year of 2000.

13-4-2018 HKUST and Peking University Steer the Official Launch of Beijing – Hong Kong Universities Alliance
2-4-2018 HKUST-Sino One Million Dollar Entrepreneurship Competition 2018 to
Enhance Diversity, Participants’ Experience and Public Engagement
28-3-2018 HKUST Researchers Discover the Genetic Contributions to
Alzheimer’s Disease in the Chinese Population
Offering Important Clues to the Development of Effective Diagnosis and Treatments
20-3-2018 HKUST Discovers New Antibiotics Resistance Mechanism
Paving the Way for Design of Antibiotics Against Superbugs
12-3-2018 HKUST Scientists Find New Way to Produce Chiral Molecules
which may Bring Safer and More Affordable Medicine
12-3-2018 Joint campaign by eight universities to reduce plastic straws
7-3-2018 HKUST Hosts Women in Innovation Forum
“Challenges vs Chances”
to Celebrate International Women’s Day
5-3-2018 HKUST Researchers Identify Irreversible Adverse Effects of
Microbeads on Marine Animals’ Growth and Development
13-2-2018 HKUST Researchers Develop First Innovative
Fusion-based Location Sensing Technology
to Shape a Smart City
7-2-2018 HKUST Researchers Discover Fitness Landscape of HIV Envelope Protein
That May Help Vaccine Development
29-1-2018 HKUST Presents Long Service Awards 2018
29-1-2018 HKUST MBA Claims No.14 in Financial Times Global Ranking
25-1-2018 HKUST Scientists Reveal How Human Brains Keep Balance
18-1-2018 HKUST Appoints Prof Wei Shyy as Fourth President
16-1-2018 HKUST Receives Donation from Tin Ka Ping Foundation to
Enhance Peer and Family Support for the Gifted Learners
10-1-2018 HKUST Launches Department of Industrial Engineering and Decision Analytics
8-1-2018 First HKUST Scholar Wins Top Prize of State Natural Science Award
for Outstanding Achievements in Aggregation-induced Emission (AIE)
28-12-2017 HKUST Receives Donation from Dr Lau Wah Sum
to Support Chinese Medicine Research
to Overcome Abuse of Antibiotics on Fish and Livestock
20-12-2017 HKUST Honors Outstanding Non-academic Staff Members
14-12-2017 HKUST Establishes Joint Lab on Artificial Intelligence and
Computer Vision with Face++