Press Releases

Our PR and Media Team of the Public Affairs Office writes and distributes press releases electronically to members of the media.  Archives of the press release are available online from year of 2000.

5-9-2018 HKUST Receives HK$100 million Donation from Lo Kwee Seong Foundation
to Advance Frontiers of Knowledge of Life Science
29-8-2018 HKUST Enhances Promotion on STEM Education
Launches STEM@HKUST One–stop Online Platform
21-8-2018 HKUST Scientists Rebuild Synapse-like Machineries to
Unveil its Formation and Regulatory Mechanism
Paving Ways for Diagnosis and Early Intervention of Mental Disorders
17-8-2018 HKUST Hosts Xiangshan Science Conference on Neuromorphic Computing & Artificial Intelligence and Hosts Launching Ceremony for Hong Kong Society of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
2-8-2018 HKUST Scientists Determine Atomic Structure of DNA Replication Machine
to Make Groundbreaking Discovery of DNA Replication Mechanism
25-7-2018 HKUST Academy for Bright Future Young Engineers
Receives Renewed Support from Bright Future Charitable Foundation
and Promotes STEM Education with Electric Vehicle Summer Program
9-7-2018 HKUST Business School Names Donald P. Jacobs Classroom
7-7-2018 Kellogg-HKUST Executive MBA 20th Anniversary Management Conference
3-7-2018 HKUST’s New Undergraduate Program in Bioengineering Exposes Students to an Exciting World of Discovery Using Diverse Cutting-edge Technologies
3-7-2018 HKUST Develops a New Generation of LCD with
Higher Efficiency, Resolution and Color Performance
25-6-2018 HKUST-Sino One Million Dollar Entrepreneurship Competition 2018
Sees Innovative Entrepreneurial Ideas
5-6-2018 HKUST Confers Honorary Fellowships on Four Distinguished Individuals
1-6-2018 HKUST Collaborates with SUSTech to Establish
Joint School of Microelectronics in Shenzhen
28-5-2018 HKUST and ICRC Forge Partnership to Facilitate Humanitarian Work and Students’ Global Vision Through Experiential Learning
18-5-2018 Leading Experts from China, Hong Kong and the World Share Insights on Smart Cities at HKUST’s First Symposium
14-5-2018 HKUST Launches New Master Program in Public Policy and
Reveals Report on I&T Development of Greater Bay Area
9-5-2018 HKUST and CIL Establish Joint Laboratory to Nurture
Innovative Research on Environmental Health Technologies
3-5-2018 HKUST Launches a Transformative Degree Program in Integrative Systems and Design First Experiential Learning Program in Hong Kong that
Allows Students to Plan What and How to Learn
1-5-2018 Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and Minerva Project
Collaborate to Provide Enriching Learning Experiences for Students
27-4-2018 HKUST Presents Eighth Anniversary Season of Internationally-Acclaimed
Exploration of Creativity