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“HKUST in the Media” lists out a selection of news reports published related to the university’s research findings, expert opinions and activities.

Date Title Publication
30-6-2014 科大理學生僅兩成從事工程
Sing Tao Daily
30-6-2014 新聞主播見證前路由我創
Ta Kung Pao
30-6-2014 科大邀全球大學生領袖交流
Wen Wei Po
30-6-2014 珠三角:机器人解困”中国制造”
...香港科技大學自動化中心主任李澤湘教授。“國內機器人產業才剛剛起步, 我們將與其他機器人產業基地進行差異化發展。由於東莞及珠三角3C——電腦、 通訊、 消費電子產業規模龐大, 基地首先將針對3C產業進行機器人開發。” 李澤湘說。...
29-6-2014 Li Ka-shing Kept Awake at Night by Wealth Gap, Waning Trust
... “Part of the reason for the activism in the city is the sense that many of the young people feel that the system is unfair, that it is skewed to helping the rich,” said David Zweig, professor of political science at the Hong Kong University of Science & Technology....
Bloomberg Businessweek
29-6-2014 China Probes Guangzhou Party Chief, Widening Drive Against Graft
... This corruption campaign is being run on so many levels and has gone on far longer than most people expected,” said Ding Xueliang, a professor of politics at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. ...
26-6-2014 Boffins untangle why your software builds fail
...and in this analysis, lead author Hyunmin Seo of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and his co-authors conclude that the same dependency hell that any Linux user will know well drives build fails all over the world...
The Register
25-6-2014 科大揚威商業精英國際賽
Ta Kung Pao
24-6-2014 圆儿时蓝天梦造会飞的相机
24-6-2014 Why Software builds fail
...That was the motivation behind a new study from a group of researchers from Google, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and the University of Nebraska. The team wanted to address three main questions: How often do builds fail, why do builds fail and how long does it take to...
IT World
23-6-2014 减贫的硬道理
23-6-2014 香港科大授予四位傑出人士榮譽院士
23-6-2014 北京与香港:摸索的悖论
Financial Times Chinese
22-6-2014 中國新華電視《香港傳真》求进 求新 创未来 走进香港科技大学 (Time: 03:14 – 10:44)
19-6-2014 Pledging to safeguard Hong Kong’s heritage won’t save traditions from dying out, critics fear
South China Morning Post
19-6-2014 科大生揚威國際案例賽
Ta Kung Pao
19-6-2014 香港科技大学——全球视野 追求卓越
19-6-2014 Wall Street analysts unearth company information beyond the conference call
...Lehavy and colleagues Allen Huang, Amy Zang and Rong Zheng of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology also compared the vocabularies used by analysts and managers to discuss the top 10 topics on the call...
17-6-2014 科大仔設計飛行相機勁賺十億
17-6-2014 Award-winning Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program student to speak in international conferences on new theory to boost network reliability
SCMP Education Post
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