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“HKUST in the Media” lists out a selection of news reports published related to the university’s research findings, expert opinions and activities.

Date Title Publication
22-6-2018 封殺華為:中國製造網絡設備不被信任的原因
  • Comments by ISOM Chair Prof Hui Kai Lung
BBC China
22-6-2018 全球數碼競爭力 港跌出10大遜星洲
  • Comments by  CEI Adviser Erwin Huang
22-6-2018 Backchat (Part 2 21:15 – 27:40)
  • Comments by LIFS Prof Karen Chan
21-6-2018 QS全球年輕大學 科大排第二
Hong Kong Economic Times TOPICK
20-6-2018 TVB 創科導航 (深圳發展)
19-6-2018 This Hong Kong MBA Program Can Help You Land The Hottest Jobs In Consulting And Tech
Business Because
17-6-2018 《拾回感動》
17-6-2018 探射燈:鋰電池含易燃溶劑 過度充電會膨脹
  • Comments by CHEM Dr Jason Chan
15-6-2018 粵港澳聯合辦學勢在必行
  • Comments by Director of IPP Prof Xun Wu
Xinhua Net
14-6-2018 世界大學堂 (第三集)
Metro Radio
14-6-2018 世界大學堂 (第二集)
Metro Radio
14-6-2018 世界大學堂 (第一集)
Metro Radio
13-6-2018 中國點點點 (第二部份 Part 2 06:10 – 26:00)
  • Comments by CIVL/IPP Prof Joseph Lee
13-6-2018 Does Marxism have a role to play in Hong Kong?
  • Comments by ENVR Adjunct Prof Christine Loh
South China Morning Post
13-6-2018 香港科技大學教授李澤湘:聯合湖南高校 成立人工智能聯合學院
  • Comments by ECE Prof Li Zexiang
11-6-2018 指港投資者偏好軟件 投產需靠眾籌
Ming Pao
11-6-2018 靈感源自鐵甲奇俠頭盔
Ming Pao
11-6-2018 一鏡整合下潛餘氣數據 智能潛水鏡 提示上浮助保命
Ming Pao
11-6-2018 科大火博士英國寄宿再闖劍橋 學懂應變規劃生活
Ming Pao
9-6-2018 量子鏈(Qtum)擬在港招聘
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