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“HKUST in the Media” lists out a selection of news reports published related to the university’s research findings, expert opinions and activities.

Date Title Publication
10-9-2018 Is China a democracy? A long (and better) answer
  • Comments by SHSS Dean Prof. Kellee TSAI
9-9-2018 領航預告|史維:大學教什麼,必須要跟外面的事情接軌
7-9-2018 How the US’ rise as an energy exporter puts it on a dangerous path with China, and the environment
  • Comments by ENVR Prof. Christine LOH
South China Morning Post
7-9-2018 Researching the present to build the future
China Daily
7-9-2018 化學講師憑有趣實驗 獲頒傑出教學獎
Metro Daily
7-9-2018 科大講師靠小黃鴨教化學
7-9-2018 化學講師拒沉悶教學 一秒粉碎物品實驗增學習興趣
6-9-2018 科大獲捐1億 購「冷凍顯微鏡」研失調症
Ming Pao (Toronto Chinese Newspaper)
6-9-2018 羅桂祥基金億元捐科大購冷凍顯微鏡
Wen Wei Po
6-9-2018 科大獲捐1億 購「冷凍顯微鏡」研失調症
Ming Pao
5-9-2018 China looks to relax two-child policy – but it won’t solve demographic problems
  • Comments by SOSC Prof. Stuart GIETEL-BASTEN
The Conversation
5-9-2018 Bugs can help in plastic fight
The Standard
4-9-2018 中國向非洲派600億美元大禮 「債務陷阱」憂慮依舊
  • Comments by SOSC Prof. Barry SAUTMAN
BBC China
3-9-2018 Chinese anger grows as ‘get rich quick’ investment schemes go bust
  • Comments by SHSS Dean Prof. Kellee TSAI
The Washington Post
30-8-2018 STEM網藉戀愛教科普 科大創立 深入淺出助中學生
Ming Pao
29-8-2018 A new set of Chinese economic figures adds up to yet another headache for statisticians
  • Comments by SOSC Prof. Carsten Holz
South China Morning Post
29-8-2018 Pollution May Dim Thinking Skills, Study in China Suggests
  • Comments by SOSC/ ECON Prof. HE Guojun
The New York Times
27-8-2018 科大學者:港生缺冒險概念
Hong Kong Economic Times
27-8-2018 祖母為榜樣 香味引導認識芳療
Hong Kong Economic Times
27-8-2018 科大碩士生3度創業 研智能香薰機
Hong Kong Economic Times
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