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“HKUST in the Media” lists out a selection of news reports published related to the university’s research findings, expert opinions and activities.

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25-8-2013 Bo Slams Wife, Ex-Aide at Trial Exposing Elite
... So far, the worst has been avoided, said Ding Xueliang, a Chinese politics expert at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology ...
25-8-2013 Bo Xilai slams ex-aide in trial exposing Chinese elite
... Bo is being punished for building his own power base in Chongqing, where he built a model that still resonates with some Chinese, especially those on the left, said David Zweig, a Chinese politics scholar at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology ...
USA Today
20-8-2013 一國兩制變奏曲 為什麼香港人瘋台灣?
... 「香港現在讓中南海很頭疼啊,」著名社會學者,香港科技大學社會科學部教授丁學良憂心地說,香港變得不耐煩,變得政治化。 ...
CommonWealth magazine
20-8-2013 产业转型进行时⑤互联网抢滩金融 河北该如何借势
... 在第三方支付成为互联网金融先行者多年之后,余额宝拓展了这一领域的内涵。"在接受记者的邮件采访时,香港科技大学金融学教授陈家乐如是说。 ..."
19-8-2013 21HK: wastewater
South China Morning Post
12-8-2013 招商局為科大生提供實習 (In Chinese)
Sing Tao Daily
11-8-2013 港澳频道 – 香港科技大学与招商局开展校企合作
10-8-2013 亞洲大學崛起 走訪香港科技大學 (In Chinese)
7-8-2013 Mine Deal Puts New Scrutiny on China’s State Industries
... "China Resources is a major global player," said David Zweig, a specialist in Chinese natural resource companies at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology ...
The New York Times
23-7-2013 一個遊戲App 存款變7位數 80後堅持創業 一度蝕剩$9.96 (In Chinese)
Ming Pao
23-7-2013 手機APPS遊戲流行 大學畢業生加入研發 (In Chinese)
23-7-2013 New app Tower of Saviors is at the top of its game
South China Morning Post
22-7-2013 Scientists granted HK$100m
SCMP Education Post
17-7-2013 科大學者贏晨興數學金獎 (In Chinese)
Sing Tao Daily
16-7-2013 Economists discuss Hong Kong’s role in facilitating trade of the South
... Albert PARK, the Director of the Institute for Emerging Market Studies at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, says: Countries will be benefited from FTA by removing the tariff, but many emerging market now need to stimulate the domestic demand because of the slow down of developed countries'...
Asia Pacific Daily
16-7-2013 香港科技大學數學家獲頒晨興數學金獎 (In Chinese)
People's Daily
15-7-2013 Chinese flight attendant electrocuted after picking up charging iPhone 5
... Johnny Sin Kin-on, professor at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, admitted there was a risk of shocks if a device was being charged ...
New York Daily News
15-7-2013 The young mentors building bridges
South China Morning Post
13-7-2013 科大物理學系講座教授蕭文禮: 從沙粒看宇宙 (Time: 53.30 – 58.58) (In Chinese)
11-7-2013 HKUST professors win prize for noise-reducing material
South China Morning Post
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