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“HKUST in the Media” lists out a selection of news reports published related to the university’s research findings, expert opinions and activities.

Date Title Publication
14-8-2018 The gender imbalance in China’s PhD studies: why women make up only a third of the cohort
  • Comments by SOSC Research Assistant Prof Duoduo Xu
South China Morning Post
13-8-2018 跨領域學習潮流 大學創自選主修課程
13-8-2018 科大商學院:學生須習基本程式編碼
Ming Pao
8-8-2018 科大「神射手」機械人出戰亞太賽
Ming Pao
7-8-2018 Opinion: Foundation of China’s new Greater Bay Area must be education
3-8-2018 港產無人潛水機趕應市 賣點穩定靈巧 集資提升技術
  • An exclusive interview of TLE student Jacky Im
Hong Kong Economic Journal
3-8-2018 拆解DNA複製機器結構 科大學者:諾獎級發現
Ming Pao
1-8-2018 China’s Greater Bay Area leaders must collaborate and not be ‘too arrogant’ with each other, says Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti
South China Morning Post
31-7-2018 研腦神經細胞 找精神病因由 「科研如拍拖 有挫折但幸福」
Ta Kung Pao
30-7-2018 研究指港鐵列車煞停產PM2.5 令車廂空氣變差
26-7-2018 中電科大邀中學生砌電動車
Ming Pao
17-7-2018 Study on effects of Alzheimer’s disease on ethnic Chinese among five projects in Hong Kong getting HK$180 million in funding
South China Morning Post
16-7-2018 研資會撥3100萬 資助科大研新技術治腦退化
13-7-2018 Stop complaining about Shenzhen: here are three steps to make Hong Kong an innovation and technology magnet
South China Morning Post
12-7-2018 陳繁昌:港創科需改變思維
Wen Wei Po
11-7-2018 Shining a light on liver disease
Royal Society of Chemistry
11-7-2018 3D列印產業發展前景明朗 人才技術不足
  • Comments by ENG Prof Li Zongjin
Sina News
10-7-2018 科大專研腦退化病年輕學者 周熙文:全球每3秒一個人患上
Hong Kong Economic Journal
10-7-2018 將建國際教育示範區 粵港澳三地教育部門達成共識
  • Comments by VPIA Prof Sabrina Lin
Wen Wei Po
10-7-2018 兩女性激發科研決心
Ming Pao
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