HKUST Robotics continues its dominance

HKUST Robotics Continues its Dominance_Robocon 2015 Hong Kong Contest_photoHKUST Robotics Team wins Robocon Hong Kong Contest for the fifth consecutive year and sweeps a total of 9 robotic awards from April till now.

HKUST Robotics Team beat nine competing teams from six local tertiary institutions in the Robocon 2015 Hong Kong Contest. HKUST has been awarded championship in this competition for five consecutive years since 2011.

The contest theme for this year is “ROBOMINTON – BADMINTON ROBO-GAME”, which requires students to design and construct their own robots. The robots were then made to participate in badminton games designed for them.

Computer Science student and team leader Au Chun-ming said: “I wish there was an easier way to winning but the truth is there was none. The two HKUST teams with a total of 29 members spent three hours a day to practise and improve the smoothness and accuracy of the robots’ movements.”

From April to now, the HKUST team has received a total of 9 awards in different robot contests. The HKUST Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) team received four awardsin the MATE International ROV Competition which was held in Canada in late June.  The four awards included the 2nd runner up for the overall winners in Explorer Class and the Sharkpedo Award which recognizes the team’s innovation and originality.  In the competition, the HKUST ROV team built a robot which was capable of performing 25 tasks, including subsea pipeline inspection and repair,offshore oilfield production and maintenance in heavy wave underwater environment.

In addition, the Robotics Team won another 3 awards in the 10th Freescale Cup Intelligent Car Racing (Southern China Region) in July. The three awards included 2 Third Class awards in Camera Model Car Group, and 1 Certificate of Merit in Magnetic Model Car Group. The Freescale Cup Intelligent Car Racing is a global competition for student designing autonomous model cars, and race around a track for speed.

In coming August, the HKUST team will then represent Hong Kong to participate in the international competition, ABU Robocon 2015, in Indonesia.