When you are eager enough.

In 2007, the HKUST MBA Alumni Association started out a project “Build Schools @ China” with an aim to contribute to providing education to the less privileged in the mountainous area of the Mainland, through the rebuilding of schools, provision of scholarship and encouragement from our MBA alumni.

The photos were taken in Guizhou during the initial visit. While digital cameras had became part of our lives, these children, obviously, had no idea what it was. It took a while to break the ice and make them feel comfortable to take photos that can be seen immediately.

Look at how amazed and how eager they show. I was so touched by the strength when you are eager enough.

Coincidentally, this photo won the award of a photo contest held later by the HKUST.

When You Are Eager Enough_HKUST Sean Lin - China Guizhou Children_photo(C) 2007. Sean Lin. HKUST MBAAA Build Schools @ China