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11/03/2008 Tin Ka Ping Foundation Helps Fund
HKUST development for the Third Time

The Tin Ka Ping Foundation has generously pledged a donation of HK$3 million to the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). With the matching grant from the government, a total sum of HK$6 million will be made available for setting up the "Tin Ka Ping Education Fund", a permanent fund for the Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) at HKUST to help finance research development.

Mr Tin Ka Ping presented the cheque to HKUST Council Chairman Dr John Chan and HKUST President Prof Paul Chu.
The Tin Ka Ping Foundation Chairman Mr Tin Ka Ping, HKUST Council Chairman Dr John Chan, HKUST President Prof Paul Chu and HKUST IAS Executive Director Prof Angelina Yee attended the donation presentation ceremony today (Tuesday) to mark this meaningful moment.

The Tin Ka Ping Education Fund was set up to fund a fellowship at the "Institute for Advanced Study". The candidates will be young talents from mainland China whose major responsibility is to assist professors at IAS in research and teaching work.

HKUST Council Chairman Dr John Chan and President Paul Chu expressed profound gratitude to the Foundation for its continuing generosity. "Mr Tin Ka Ping is widely recognized for his endless effort in helping the education sector. This donation will help attract more young talents from mainland China to the IAS at HKUST to explore new horizons of knowledge," said President Chu.

Also speaking at the ceremony, Mr Tin Ka Ping said that he was delighted to see HKUST as a young university developing into one of the leading research universities in the world. "I hope that the donation will serve the twin purpose of helping young talents from mainland China and helping IAS at HKUST to realize its dream of becoming a knowledge power house in the world," .

This is the third time Tin Ka Ping Foundation has made a donation to HKUST. The first donation dating back to 2002 was also for HK$3 million, in recognition of which the University Center Hall of HKUST was named in Mr Tin's honour. The second donation for five hundred thousand dollars was made in 2006 for the establishment of "Tin Ka Ping Visiting Fellowship" to promote exchange activities between HKUST and mainland universities.

About Tin Ka Ping Foundation

The Tin Ka Ping Foundation was established by Mr Tin Ka Ping in 1982 with the mission of contributing to the development of society and the nation. Mr Tin has a special interest in education as the key to a prosperous future. The Foundation has supported nearly 300 universities, secondary schools and primary schools in Greater China over the years.

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