Press Releases

Our PR and Media Team of the Public Affairs Office writes and distributes press releases electronically to members of the media.  Archives of the press release are available online from year of 2000.

20-9-2016 HKUST Builds Frameworks to Boost Development of Mobile Applications on Augmented Reality
13-9-2016 HKUST Receives Donation of HK$2million from Alumnus Yeung Wing Yee to Fund for Startups at Early Stage
31-8-2016 HKUST Researchers Find Possible Mechanisms of Human Brain Disorders That May Shed Light on New Treatments
30-8-2016 “HeadStart@HKUST Program” Brushes Up Freshmen’s Competitiveness
With Early Workplace Immersion and Career Development Guidance
22-8-2016 HKUST Develops Tiny Lasers that Open New Era for Light-based Computing
18-8-2016 HKUST School of Engineering Holds its First Entrepreneurship Camp for Secondary School Students
1-8-2016 HKUST Finds a New Material System that Opens a New Era for Organic Solar Cells
14-7-2016 HKUST Holds One Million Dollar Entrepreneurship Competition in Five Cities for the First Time
4-7-2016 HKUST Signs Agreements with Four Leading Universities
to Foster Student Exchange
28-6-2016 HKUST Receives Donation of HK$100 million from Dr Li Dak Sum
to Establish Research Development Fund
23-6-2016 HKUST and Caltech Launch Visiting Associates Program
20-6-2016 HKUST Jointly Presents with Times Higher Education
Inaugural Asia Universities Summit in its 25th Anniversary Year
16-6-2016 HKUST Receives HK$150 Million Donation from Mr Martin Ka Shing Lee
for a New Innovation Building
13-6-2016 HKUST Confers Honorary Fellowships on Four Distinguished Leaders
30-5-2016 Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine Dr Randy Schekman
Explains Secretion of Large Particles and miRNA
at HKUST 25th Anniversary Distinguished Speakers Series
24-5-2016 HKUST Leads Research Project to Mitigate the Risks and Damage of Landslides in Hong Kong
17-5-2016 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry Prof William E Moerner
Shares Insights on the Development of Super-resolution Microscopy
at HKUST 25th Anniversary Distinguished Speakers Series
16-5-2016 HKUST Presents Common Core Course Excellence Award
13-5-2016 Celebrated Harvard Historian Prof Niall Ferguson Offers Advice to the Next U.S. President at HKUST 25th Anniversary Distinguished Speakers Series
5-5-2016 HKUST Establishes Laboratory on Big Data for Bio Intelligence
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