Press Releases

Our PR and Media Team of the Public Affairs Office writes and distributes press releases electronically to members of the media.  Archives of the press release are available online from year of 2000.

9-1-2017 HKUST Receives a Donation from Kingworld Medicines Group
to Boost Exchange of Business Students and Research in Chinese Medicine
22-12-2016 Microsoft’s Executive Vice President for Artificial Intelligence and Research
Dr Harry Shum Speaks on Artificial Intelligence
at HKUST 25th Anniversary Distinguished Speakers Series
18-12-2016 HKUST Researchers Develop Novel Audio Technology and Sales Model
that Bring More Affordable and Better-performed Hearing Aids
13-12-2016 HKUST Business School Named “School of the Year” by CEMS
12-12-2016 HKUST Life Scientist Prof Danny Chi Yeu Leung Wins Croucher Innovation Award 2017
28-11-2016 HKUST Committed to Nurturing Young Research Talents
Three Undergraduates Publish Paper in Nature Communications
23-11-2016 HKUST and University of Waterloo Jointly Offer Dual PhD Degrees
22-11-2016 Three Renowned Scholars share their Research Breakthroughs
at HKUST 25th Anniversary Distinguished Speakers Series
18-11-2016 HKUST Holds 24th Congregation Conferring Honorary Doctorates on
Six Distinguished Academics and Community Leaders
17-11-2016 HKUST Graduates Move Up to 13th Worldwide, Top Greater China
In Global Employability University Ranking 2016
7-11-2016 HKUST Receives Donation from Bright Future Charitable Foundation
to Establish Academy for Bright Future Young Engineers
27-10-2016 Nobel Laureate in Physics Prof George Smoot
Discusses Discovery of Gravitational Waves and its Way Forward
at HKUST 25th Anniversary Distinguished Speakers Series
26-10-2016 HKUST Wins Silver in Cybathlon –
the World’s First Olympics for Bionic Athletes
17-10-2016 HKUST Celebrates its 7th World No.1 Ranking
for Kellogg-HKUST EMBA Program
29-9-2016 BizInsight@HKUST Seminar
Features Nobel Laureate Prof Sir Christopher Pissarides on Brexit Impact
27-9-2016 Fosun Vice-Chairman and CEO Mr Xinjun Liang
Shares the Group’s Investment Philosophy and Entrepreneurial Spirit
at HKUST 25th Anniversary Distinguished Speakers Series
22-9-2016 EY Global Vice Chair – Tax Jay Nibbe Shares Insights on the Disruptive Forces that will Shape Our Careers in the Future
at HKUST 25th Anniversary Distinguished Speakers Series
20-9-2016 HKUST Builds Frameworks to Boost Development of Mobile Applications on Augmented Reality
13-9-2016 HKUST Receives Donation of HK$2million from Alumnus Yeung Wing Yee to Fund for Startups at Early Stage
31-8-2016 HKUST Researchers Find Possible Mechanisms of Human Brain Disorders That May Shed Light on New Treatments