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“HKUST in the Media” lists out a selection of news reports published related to the university’s research findings, expert opinions and activities.

Date Title Publication
6-6-2013 翁以登:港科大重視”全人教育” (In Chinese)
4-6-2013 U.S.-China summit a shot at a fresh, more casual start
... David Zweig, chair professor of social sciences at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology ...
3-6-2013 HKUST snags German honour
South China Morning Post
3-6-2013 Elderly Chinese Women Fare Worse Than Men In China, Study
... While it is true that elderly women in many countries are in poorer health than men, some of the gender gaps we find in China are quite large, such as those for depressive symptoms and cognitive function, said Albert Park of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology,...
Asian Scientist
31-5-2013 Vast study seeks to tackle China’s age challenge
South China Morning Post
30-5-2013 手機拉一拉 即連上網頁 (In Chinese)
香港經濟日報 hketvideo
29-5-2013 青春话语在转变
... 作者:香港科技大学人文学院副教授 刘剑梅 ...
Financial Times Chinese
29-5-2013 谢丹阳:时间站在中国这一边
... 香港科技大学经济系教授谢丹阳到上海做关于环球金融风险"的演讲时提起了上述预测。 ...
29-5-2013 ‘Money for Nothing’ (Radio Program)
29-5-2013 Intimacy Revisited: A Look at Hong Kong’s Performer/Composer Summit, Two Years Later
28-5-2013 科大助國產注塑機升級 不增加成本提升產品質量 (In Chinese)
Ta Kung Pao
27-5-2013 科大3D模擬試身 網上買衫更稱心 獲教育部自然科學二等獎 助港確立製衣業龍頭地位 (In Chinese)
Wen Wei Po
27-5-2013 A Looming Challenge For Mainland China’s Richest: Succession
... The first thing mainland entrepreneurs need to do in handling succession successfully is to face up the challenges of the job early and directly, suggests Roger King, director of the Tanoto Center for Asian Family Business and Entrepreneurship Studies at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology ...
27-5-2013 Beijing’s Latest Worry: Jobs for College Graduates
... Support from the urban elite is critical, said Albert Park, an economist who looks at labor issues and is now the director of the Institute for Emerging Market Studies at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology ...
The Wall Street Journal
27-5-2013 HKUST launches Institute for Emerging Market Studies
The Asset
27-5-2013 香港科技大學舉辦”新興市場在環球經濟的發展前景”研討會 (In Chinese)
People's Daily
27-5-2013 榮獲國家自然科學獎一等獎 科大研發新抗震建材高韌水泥 (In Chinese)
Hong Kong Commercial Newspapers
24-5-2013 科大學者研防震混凝土 可減震區傷亡(In Chinese)
Sina News
24-5-2013 纖維水泥助建抗震屋 (In Chinese)
Ta Kung Pao
24-5-2013 新聞故事 — 九十後科大生衝破局限 踢走沉悶「逃出香港!」 (In Chinese)
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