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“HKUST in the Media” lists out a selection of news reports published related to the university’s research findings, expert opinions and activities.

Date Title Publication
11-3-2013 科大學者新法 癌細胞現形 (In Chinese)
Sing Tao Daily
11-3-2013 China Plans Revamp of Railways, Energy, Food Safety Ministries
... Every 10 years a new generation of leaders come to power and at least in the beginning want to show everyone they want to make a change," Ding Xueliang, a professor at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology who teaches Chinese politics, said by telephone ..."
7-3-2013 科大推航天工程學位課程 (In Chinese)
Sing Tao Daily
7-3-2013 Hochschulen Hong Kong will „von den Deutschen lernen“ (Hong Kong Wants to Learn from the Germans)
Der Tagesspiegel
6-3-2013 Classifying ‘Education Hubs’
Inside Higher Ed
4-3-2013 科大冠名教授系列:郭海成:科大研顯示屏擬成果內地生產 (In Chinese)
Wen Wei Po
27-2-2013 Young High-Ranking Universities: Recipes for Success
QS Top Universities
25-2-2013 科大教授創全球最小納米碳管 (In Chinese)
Yahoo! News
24-2-2013 中國新華電視 《港府傳真》 2013年港校內地招生專題 (In Chinese)
23-2-2013 陳繁昌:把大學辦成未來領導者的訓練場 (In Chinese)
21-2-2013 大學生忌涉股市宜量入為出 科大工管副院長 授理財之道 (In Chinese)
Sing Tao Daily
9-2-2013 中國高等教育大躍進全球影響幾何
... 而不願舉家搬回中國。崔大偉(David Zweig)是香港科技大學(Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)人文社會科學學院副院長,中國跨國關係研究中心(Center on China's Transnational Relations)主任。 ...
The New York Times
9-2-2013 The Effects of China’s Push for Education
... reluctant to sail to China with all their belongings. David Zweig is the associate dean of the School of Humanities & Social Sciences at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and the director of its Center on China's Transnational Relations ...
The New York Times
8-2-2013 港科大學研究團隊 獲選國家973計劃 (In Chinese)
Hong Kong China News Agency
8-2-2013 增科研資源挽留人才 捐千萬元可冠名科大教授席 (In Chinese)
5-2-2013 科大環球商管設55聯招學額 (In Chinese)
Sing Tao Daily
1-2-2013 科大老臣子:港生勤力有夢想 (In Chinese)
Sina News
30-1-2013 科大牛津合辦短期行政課程 (In Chinese)
Sing Tao Daily
29-1-2013 全球MBA百大 科大蟬聯亞洲一哥 (In Chinese)
Wen Wei Po
29-1-2013 科大MBA穩坐亞洲第一 畢業後三年年薪103萬 升幅全球第四 (In Chinese)
Apple Daily
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