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“HKUST in the Media” lists out a selection of news reports published related to the university’s research findings, expert opinions and activities.

Date Title Publication
6-3-2014 HKUST’s world reputation rises as HKU’s slides
SCMP Education Post
6-3-2014 HKUST MBA Team Wins Prestigious Global Case Competition
Education Post
5-3-2014 China: At a crossroads
... But at less-esteemed universities in smaller cities, the level of science is often second-rate, says David Zweig, chair of social sciences at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology ...
1-3-2014 China Considers Tougher Anti-terror Measures
... "To some extent China is filling in a hole which other countries have already filled in," said Barry Sautman, a professor at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. ...
1-3-2014 神魔之塔創辦人:創業就像高空彈跳,等到不害怕就不用跳了……
Manager Today
26-2-2014 科大表揚240老臣子 納米教父:無悔來港貢獻中華 (In Chinese)
Sky Post
25-2-2014 研小型飛行系統 科大校友助冬奧拍攝 (In Chinese)
Apple Daily
21-2-2014 China’s Limited Power Against Obama-Dalai Lama Meeting
...China urged the U.S. to cancel plans for President Barack Obama to meet the Dalai Lama, warning that it would seriously harm bilateral relations. But Hong Kong University of Science and Technology professor Barry Sautman explains why China won't press the issue too hard...
Yahoo! News
18-2-2014 科大教授當選中科院院士 (In Chinese)
Ta Kung Pao
18-2-2014 科大勵建書膺中科院院士 (In Chinese)
Wen Wei Po
18-2-2014 科大學者獲選中科院院士 (In Chinese)
Sing Tao Daily
17-2-2014 Chinese engineer elected as member of elite US academy
South China Morning Post
17-2-2014 文革失琴 反成就名音樂家 (In Chinese)
Ming Pao
17-2-2014 港辦國際奧數賽 科大簽備忘錄 (In Chinese)
Wen Wei Po
15-2-2014 港科大校長視談辦學成功秘訣﹕ 努力+國際化 (In Chinese)
China Review News Agency
15-2-2014 科大航空科研獲助二千萬 (In Chinese)
Ta Kung Pao
15-2-2014 科大MIT結盟 電腦科研「打頭陣」 (In Chinese)
Wen Wei Po
15-2-2014 科大推廣龍舟風帆建水上活動中 (In Chinese)
Sing Tao Daily
15-2-2014 港2016辦奧數 科大吸尖子 (In Chinese)
Hong Kong Economic Times
14-2-2014 科大協辦奧數賽簽備忘錄 (In Chinese)
Ta Kung Pao
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