HKUST in the Media

“HKUST in the Media” lists out a selection of news reports published related to the university’s research findings, expert opinions and activities.

25-10-2017 Looking for a domestic helper? Two Hong Kong students have made the job easier with new mobile app MamaHelpers
South China Morning Post
25-10-2017 Chinese lenders slide down investment banking league tables
  • Comments by FINA Prof Veronique Lafon-Vinais
Financial Times
25-10-2017 政情:未來冇人知 陳繁昌籲揀神科不如按己所長
25-10-2017 How studying Alzheimer’s in China could unlock its secrets
Asia Research News
24-10-2017 機器學習邁入無需人類指導階段:人機協作漸成趨勢
  • Comments by ECE Prof Liu Ming
Sina News
24-10-2017 China’s Communist Party Elevates Xi Jinping To Status Alongside Mao Zedong
  • Comments by SOSC Prof David Zweig
24-10-2017 HKUST clinched 3rd place in the QS Asia University Rankings
23-10-2017 「習思想」明天入黨章 習地位將比肩毛鄧
  • Comments by SOSC Prof Ding Xueliang
Hong Kong Economic Times
23-10-2017 “習近平思想”料入黨章 地位將比肩毛鄧
  • Comments by SOSC Prof Ding Xueliang
The Wall Street Journal (China)
20-10-2017 瘋狂科學家陳鈞傑讓學生撞板激發興趣
19-10-2017 “逃出香港”初尝创业甜头
Ta Kung Pao
19-10-2017 两科大生茶创业走向国际
Ta Kung Pao
19-10-2017 教外國人歎茶 科大生3個月銷10萬杯茶
Sky Post
19-10-2017 「解決產業問題,為產業做點事!」史丹佛校友在港大打造新創大軍
Business Weekly
19-10-2017 Kellogg/HKUST EMBA best for eighth time – FT
PIE News
18-10-2017 香港4所高校躋身QS亞洲十大學府 香港科大第三
18-10-2017 《泰晤士》工程科技學科榜 科大排第18
Sing Tao Daily
17-10-2017 How Tencent CFO John Lo picked up valuable skills from a top Hong Kong-based MBA course
South China Morning Post
17-10-2017 QS亞洲大學排名 科大超港大居第三
Sing Tao Daily
17-10-2017 亞洲大學排名港大首度跌出「三甲」至第5 科大成香港一哥
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