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“HKUST in the Media” lists out a selection of news reports published related to the university’s research findings, expert opinions and activities.

30-10-2017 Warning sounded over sulfur dioxide in Chinese herbal medicines
  • Comments by LIFS Prof Karl Tsim
EJ Insight
30-10-2017 香港科技大學成功研發全港首部無人車
30-10-2017 科大研究團隊耗近十年 製造全港首輛無人車
TVB News
30-10-2017 First driverless car built in Hong Kong hits road block with Transportation Department
South China Morning Post
28-10-2017 Of pirouettes and periodic tables, Hong Kong’s public broadcaster aims to bring scientists out of the lab and into living rooms
South China Morning Post
27-10-2017 「虎」學英語——科大校長做埋記者
27-10-2017 科大專家赴PAI 倡設亞洲分會推AI
Wen Wei Po
26-10-2017 遭騙錢網上公審 「創業刺激愛拆彈」
Ming Pao
26-10-2017 科大生創平台撮合僱主外傭 2萬外傭資料 月餘50宗配對
Ming Pao
26-10-2017 Mobile app to ease search for helpers
The Standard
26-10-2017 陳家強指本港可助內地金融科技產品走出去
  • Comments by FINA Prof Chan Ka-keung
Hong Kong Commercial Broadcasting Co. Ltd
26-10-2017 3個安老院職員助130個長者洗澡 自動沖涼凳能減輕人手?
26-10-2017 中國集體領導時代走向終結
  • Comments by SOSC Prof Ding Xueliang
The Wall Street Journal (China)
26-10-2017 HKUST students launch domestic helper hiring app
EJ Insight
25-10-2017 分析:習近平未來施政空間更大
  • Comments by SOSC Prof Ding Xueliang
25-10-2017 China unveils new leadership line-up with no clear successor to Xi
  • Comments by SOSC Prof David Zweig
25-10-2017 Xi Jinping’s Theory of (Almost) Everything in China
  • Comments by SOSC Prof David Zweig
25-10-2017 自動沖涼椅面世! 沖涼、坐廁、輪椅三合一 為老人挽回尊嚴
25-10-2017 科大碩士生首創外傭招聘平台 料可省至少五成中介費用
25-10-2017 數據庫納2萬外傭資料 科大生創速配手機App
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