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“HKUST in the Media” lists out a selection of news reports published related to the university’s research findings, expert opinions and activities.

Date Title Publication
17-4-2018 “京港大學聯盟”成立 深化兩地高校合作交流
16-4-2018 Shenzhen: From a knock-off hub to an innovation powerhouse
  • Comments by CEI Adviser Erwin Huang
EJ Insight
15-4-2018 Help Hong Kong universities set up branches in ‘Greater Bay Area’, Lam urges country’s education chief
South China Morning Post
14-4-2018 科大北大牽頭 京港大學聯盟成立
Ming Pao
13-4-2018 經濟學家霍爾茲:貿易戰根源是產業競爭,特朗普的「關税牌」完全打錯重點
  • Comments by SOSC Prof Carsten Holz
13-4-2018 科大教授:AI終不能取代記者
Ta Kung Pao
13-4-2018 首度合作 LINE夥科大設AI實驗室
Hong Kong Economic Times
12-4-2018 從習近平的演講到特朗普的褒獎 博鼇開放新四點到底有何價值
  • Comments by SOSC Prof Carsten Holz
BBC China
12-4-2018 雙皮奶「爆炸」女食客臉臂燙傷
  • Comments by CHEM Dr Jason Chan
Apple Daily
11-4-2018 技巧體操講求合作
Ta Kung Pao
11-4-2018 未來希望投考紀律部隊
Ta Kung Pao
11-4-2018 科大體操嬌娃 小身軀大能量
Ta Kung Pao
11-4-2018 本科Project變研究項目
Hong Kong Economic Journal
11-4-2018 科大生命科學教授 呼籲港人「走塑」 保護海洋生態
Hong Kong Economic Journal
11-4-2018 亞洲的未來培養全球化創新型人才
9-4-2018 Reforms set to accelerate development
China Daily Asia
9-4-2018 Platform for change
China Daily Asia
9-4-2018 佛山資助 科大研半導體照明產業化
8-4-2018 Building the Dream
South China Morning Post
5-4-2018 大學生推動借飯盒冀減少廢物
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