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“HKUST in the Media” lists out a selection of news reports published related to the university’s research findings, expert opinions and activities.

Date Title Publication
9-5-2018 科大捷和成立聯合實驗室 助將成果變產品
8-5-2018 China Sends Clear Message to Bellicose US by Warming Ties With Japan
  • Comments by SOSC Prof Ding Xueliang
8-5-2018 China Sentences Former Political Star Sun Zhengcai to Life in Prison on Corruption Charges
  • Comments by SOSC Prof Ding Xueliang
8-5-2018 Hong Kong university follows the Minerva model
The Australian
8-5-2018 科大推綜合系統與設計學位
Ta Kung Pao
7-5-2018 US-China thought leaders, business executives discuss bilateral ties
  • Comments by President, Prof Tony F Chan
Global Times
4-5-2018 科大新課育創意人 騰訊等科企教路
Wen Wei Po
4-5-2018 科大新課程自由跨科 培養自主學習創科人
Ming Pao
3-5-2018 艇進「無人之境」,志在廣袤海洋!
Sina News
3-5-2018 Thales fosters innovations with Project Arduino in China’s Universities
Markets Insider
3-5-2018 科大ISD新課程倡師生共訂課程 網上聽書參賽都計學分
Hong Kong Economic Times TOPICK
2-5-2018 中山網 – 港科大深圳區百萬獎金國際創業大賽啟動
2-5-2018 大紀元 – 2018香港水底機械人挑戰賽
2-5-2018 張宏江對話李澤湘:科技創業如何破局
  • Commands by ECE Prof Li Zexiang
2-5-2018 Hong Kong University to Use Minerva Platform
Inside Higher Ed
2-5-2018 需10年工作經驗 證明獲公司支持
Hong Kong Economic Times
2-5-2018 舊生台南遇問題 台灣校友解燃眉
Hong Kong Economic Times
2-5-2018 科大EMBA收生重謙虛 同儕互學習
Hong Kong Economic Times
2-5-2018 可選修Minerva課程 科大生增競爭力
Wen Wei Po
2-5-2018 Students get new slant on learning
The Standard
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