HKUST in the Media

“HKUST in the Media” lists out a selection of news reports published related to the university’s research findings, expert opinions and activities.

Date Title Publication
23-1-2018 青年要圓夢先有夢 要知What’s happening
Hong Kong Economic Times TOPICK
23-1-2018 陳繁昌︰科大要成史丹福 港做三藩市
Hong Kong Economic Times TOPICK
22-1-2018 New insights into how your brain keeps its balance
Science Daily
19-1-2018 Top EMBA and DBA courses in Hong Kong
South China Morning Post
19-1-2018 New uni head pledges to give all sides a fair shake
The Standard
19-1-2018 記者會拒說普通話 「我也不說廣東話,免折磨你」
Ming Pao
19-1-2018 校董會通過校長委任史維:科大自主中聯辦見面沒干預
Ming Pao
18-1-2018 香港科技大學委任史維為第四任校長
Xinhua Net
18-1-2018 科大新校長史維:中聯辦沒要求學校作任何決定
Ming Pao
18-1-2018 候任科大校長史維稱從無收過中聯辦官員指示
18-1-2018 HKUST will remain open to all, vows new head
18-1-2018 科大校董會通過任命史維為新校長
18-1-2018 China to Discuss Constitutional Amendments, But How Far Will Xi Jinping Go?
  • Comments by SOSC Prof David Zweig
Voice of America
17-1-2018 How past intentions influence generosity toward the future
Medical Express
17-1-2018 《第一會客室》投資系列採訪邀請
  • Prof Hui Kai Lung is interviewed by OneTV
17-1-2018 Does North Korea’s Olympic overture prelude talks with the US?
  • Comments by SOSC Prof David Zweig
South China Morning Post
15-1-2018 【大學遊蹤】北上做專題 實習嚐京味
Wen Wei Po
15-1-2018 中國大學生家庭出身調查研究:寒門難出貴子?
15-1-2018 Easier going for pedestrians on map
The Standard
15-1-2018 告別“高位缺席” 十名女性科技工作者榮膺青年女科學家獎
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