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“HKUST in the Media” lists out a selection of news reports published related to the university’s research findings, expert opinions and activities.

Date Title Publication
9-5-2017 弱勢伙主流生 戰機械人賽 商策略無分彼此 特殊校生大展所長
Ming Pao
9-5-2017 團隊合作砌出機械人
Ta Kung Pao
8-5-2017 科大水底機械人大賽 宣揚海洋保育知識
8-5-2017 Evaluating 100 Days of Trump Trade Policy
- Comments by MGMT Prof Stephen Olson
The Diplomat
8-5-2017 Researchers demonstrated violation of Bell’s inequality on frequency-bin entangled photon pairs
5-5-2017 China’s Booming Service Industry Can’t Keep Up With College Grads
- Comments by ECON Prof Albert Park
5-5-2017 科大「走杯」減廢 數百師生響應
Wen Wei Po
5-5-2017 走杯@科大
Hong Kong Commercial Daily
4-5-2017 New Asian universities’ alliance to increase mobility
- Comments by EVPP Prof Wei Shyy
University World News
4-5-2017 香港科大舉辦亞洲最大型學生主導”黑客松”
China News Agency
4-5-2017 科大「黑客松」 環球600生參加
Ta Kung Pao
4-5-2017 科大團隊「黑客松 」6項目奪5冠
Wen Wei Po
3-5-2017 【戒指耳機】科大MBA畢業生夥同窗搞科研 得獎意念來自失明父親
2-5-2017 青年棄銀行工創零食網店冀延續傳統士多情
Hong Kong Commercial Broadcasting Co. Ltd
1-5-2017 手帶蚊燈超聲波 新驅蚊產品逐樣睇
- Comments by HSEO director Prof Joseph Kwan
Apple Daily
1-5-2017 人機合體奧運港電輪椅摘銀
Apple Daily
1-5-2017 The Walls Have Eyes, and They’re Watching How You Walk
IEEE Spectrum
1-5-2017 Detecting walking speed with wireless signals
Science Daily
30-4-2017 科大電動輪椅助殘障女打破樓梯枷鎖 人機合體奧運會奪銀
Sing Tao Daily
30-4-2017 科大團隊研發新電動輪椅可上落樓梯 瑞士參賽奪銀牌 將改良設計推出市場
Ming Pao
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