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“HKUST in the Media” lists out a selection of news reports published related to the university’s research findings, expert opinions and activities.

27-9-2017 政情:想發達唔一定讀「神科」 陳繁昌教路:興趣行先
25-9-2017 Govt and business sectors should embrace new technologies
EJ Insight
25-9-2017 科大生製電動車 從理論到實踐
Sing Tao Daily
25-9-2017 科大工程生改裝高卡車學貼地
Ming Pao
23-9-2017 科大資訊日大批學生取經 數學成績成關鍵
22-9-2017 科大推FinTech碩士
Ming Pao
22-9-2017 云爾錄 : 科大後年招金融科技碩士生
Hong Kong Economic Journal
20-9-2017 傑出專業女性 兩學者獲大獎
Hong Kong Economic Times TOPICK
19-9-2017 School of Management launches dual degree program
Yale Daily News
18-9-2017 FinEX Asia推培育計劃
Hong Kong Commercial Daily
18-9-2017 High-Performance Carbon Quantum Dots for Warm WLEDs
Advanced Science News
18-9-2017 Scientists demonstrated 1.3 μm submilliamp threshold quantum dot micro-lasers on Si
18-9-2017 Microsoft Monday: Xbox One Full HD DVR, Windows 10 Privacy Controls, Minecraft For New Nintendo 3DS
18-9-2017 科大夥滴滴出行合作 促智慧城市建設
Hong Kong Economic Journal
18-9-2017 Hong Kong university collaborates with mainland ride hailing service for smart city building
Xinhua Net
15-9-2017 學生要與違法及不道德切割
  • Comments by ECON Emeritus Prof Francis Lui
Sky Post
15-9-2017 創業百年の同族企業89社、日本の0.4%どまり
NNA Asia
14-9-2017 China’s new campaign to instil official historical narrative in Xinjiang
  • Comments by SOSC Prof Barry Sautman
South China Morning Post
14-9-2017 How artificial intelligence prevents payment fraud
  • Comments by CEI Erwin Huang
EJ Insight
13-9-2017 Scientists reveal distinct substrate-binding mode in o-succinylbenzoyl-CoA synthetase
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