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13-11-2012 Study abroad doesn’t have to mean just one semester
... The program, the first of its kind, sends students abroad for two to three years, providing participants the opportunity to spend a year at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, the Universitá Bocconi in Milan and the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business in Los...
USA Today College
12-11-2012 Quest for an algorithm of meaning
SCMP Education Post
11-11-2012 Expose on Wen Jiabao’s Wealth-Storm in a Teacup?
... Corruption is a very serious problem that they (Chinese leaders) themselves recognize," said David Zweig, director of the center on China's transnational relations at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology ..."
9-11-2012 海外熱錢再度湧入香港 專家稱美量化寬鬆是禍首

... 香港科技大學經濟學系主任雷鼎鳴指出,投資者會看好不同市場,如果有部分人認為投資香港會好過投資美國 ...

Sina News
9-11-2012 We want to produce the next Steve Jobs
9-11-2012 Checkered end-of-term report card for Hu Jintao
... Post-2007, Hu strengthened the coercive arm of the state," said David Zweig, political professor at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology ..."
8-11-2012 China opens power transfer by keeping it off-stage
... An important thing for him is to make sure that there's no critical, no negative summary judgment of the past 10 years," said Ding Xueliang, a Chinese politics expert at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology ..."
Associated Press
6-11-2012 China’s leaders bombarded by calls for reform
... Professor Xueliang Ding, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology ...
5-11-2012 科大網上課程 結合視像群組 亞洲首推 全球開放 (In Chinese)
Sing Tao Daily
5-11-2012 Analysis: China’s mission impossible – a date for Hu’s military handover
... The advantage of that is that it would give Xi Jinping greater time to focus on domestic changes," said David Zweig, a of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology ..."
3-11-2012 Shaping a new environment
Classified Post
3-11-2012 Educating the entrepreneurs
... Entrepreneurship is not an academic discipline," says Dr Wu Po-chi, adjunct professor at the School of Business and Management and the School of Engineering at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) ..."
SCMP Education Post
1-11-2012 科大生水底機械人揚威 亞洲創業大賽獲獎 港府擬洽購 (In Chinese)
Apple Daily
31-10-2012 香港科大研发云端高质直播 以最短时延提供节目
... 科大计算器科学及工程学系副教授陈双幸与团队,早前获创新科技署、科大种子资金及业界赞助合共逾千万元,研发新一代云端技术协流传媒",并取得突破性进展。 ..."
31-10-2012 分流傳送「直播雲」 手機睇片不「起格」 科大獲資千萬研發新技術 影視公司應用推App (In Chinese)
Wen Wei Po
30-10-2012 通往年薪300萬的天梯
30-10-2012 莫言的諾貝爾:六經注我,我注六經
... 作者畢業於清華大學中文系,後到香港科技大學社會科學部攻讀碩士。現任職投資銀行,亦是香港科技大學跨國研究中心研究員。
South China Morning Post
29-10-2012 熱錢借道香港 意在內地關聯資產
... 睿智华海基金基金经理张承良和香港科技大学教授雷鼎鸣日前在接受本报记者采访时都指出,这次热钱涌入香港股市,一个重要理由是预期内地第三季度经济见底,热钱借香港为跳板,意图抄底内地关联资产。目前香港的国企股估值不高,股指未来还有走高的可能。 ...
China Economic Net
29-10-2012 支招广州空气:每年2900万吨燃煤总量需削减
... 中国环境科学研究院副院长柴发合和香港科技大学刘启汉教授共同提醒广州在规划城市格局如道路建设、楼宇建设方面,不能仅考虑容积率和产业特性等问题,还要把城市的空气流通性考虑进去。 ...
29-10-2012 Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao’s family rejects reports of wealth

... Speakers: David Zweig, China specialist, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology ...

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