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“HKUST in the Media” lists out a selection of news reports published related to the university’s research findings, expert opinions and activities.

Date Title Publication
29-11-2012 科大錄取薩爾瓦多全國狀元 (In Chinese)
Sing Tao Daily
26-11-2012 楊子瀟:後十八大的中國外交
... 作者畢業於清華大學中文系,後到香港科技大學社會科學部攻讀碩士。現任職投資銀行,亦是香港科技大學跨國研究中心研究員 ...
South China Morning Post
24-11-2012 基辛格判斷:習近平的權力沒有奧巴馬大 (In Chinese)
23-11-2012 非常冷氣機 慳電零雪種 (In Chinese)
22-11-2012 热钱袭港 联汇制是存是废?
...香港科技大学经济学系主任教授雷鼎鸣称这两种意见都有问题。他举例说,如果海外炒家涌入,做空港元的时候,香港怎么办? ...
People's Daily
22-11-2012 Economic Reform Must Happen
... Albert Park is a professor of social science and economics at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology ...
The New York Times
22-11-2012 非常冷氣機 慳電零雪種 (In Chinese)
22-11-2012 Why not Hong Kong? University president Tony Chan explains why you should do your Bachelor in Asia and why China hasn’t created a Bill Gates, yet.
Die Zeit
21-11-2012 毛家帮”式司法公正”
... 丁学良,香港科技大学社会科学部教授: 毛家帮"式司法公正 ..."
The New York Times
21-11-2012 積極不干預 不搞工業政策
... 香港科技大學經濟學系主任雷鼎鳴﹕積極不干預 不搞工業政策 ...
Economic Daily News
19-11-2012 物必先腐而後蟲生” 習近平承認腐敗觸目驚心”
... 香港科技大學社會科學部教授丁學良說,中共高層了解到的腐敗情況比外界知道的要嚴重的多 ...
Australian Chinese Daily Online News
18-11-2012 Section of library renamed to honor school’s donor
The New York Times
17-11-2012 陳繁昌寄語科大生放眼世界 (In Chinese)
Sing Tao Daily
17-11-2012 科大土木及環境工程學系陳銳斌教授 : 複合鋁節電屋 (Time: 19:39) (In Chinese)
16-11-2012 分辨中国政治改革的四个层次
... 丁学良,香港科技大学社会科学部教授: 分辨中国政治改革的四个层次 ...
The New York Times
16-11-2012 科大四子八達通取靈感 神奇眼鏡嘟一嘟測眼壓 (In Chinese)
16-11-2012 Chat Transcript: 2012 Best B-Schools Ranking

... They simply did not make the response rate cut. Hong Kong University of Science and Technology is ranked 18th ...

15-11-2012 Xi Jinping Replaces as Head of Chinese Communist Party
... unyielding organization riven with vested interests that blocked any change, said David Zweig, a professor of political science at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology ...
15-11-2012 Next head of China’s burgeoning economy a cautious bureaucrat, comfortable with the West
... Their reference for great power status from Day One was the United States, unlike Hu Jintao and Wen Jiabao, who looked toward the Soviet Union," said Ding Xueliang of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology ..."
Fox News
13-11-2012 Study abroad doesn’t have to mean just one semester
... The program, the first of its kind, sends students abroad for two to three years, providing participants the opportunity to spend a year at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, the Universitá Bocconi in Milan and the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business in Los...
USA Today College
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