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“HKUST in the Media” lists out a selection of news reports published related to the university’s research findings, expert opinions and activities.

Date Title Publication
21-2-2018 科大辦生物比賽 冀中學生重邏輯推理
Metro Daily
21-2-2018 港首辦生物奧林匹克 考學生邏輯推理力
20-2-2018 The 10 Best Asian Universities For Studying Computer Engineering
The Academia Mag
18-2-2018 【空污追兇】香港空氣質素倒退 二氧化氮19年不達世衞標準 1年超標237次
18-2-2018 【空污追兇】環保署歸咎氣象 科大研究證逾六成氮氧化物屬本地排放 境內車輛為元兇
14-2-2018 Bitcoin and Blockchain: Opportunities in Asia
  • Comments by ISOM Prof Hui Kailung
Global Network For Advanced Management
14-2-2018 科大研新定位技術打造「智城」
Wen Wei Po
14-2-2018 科大創融合定位術 室內準確度增三倍
Sing Tao Daily
13-2-2018 【兩地合作】河套踩兩邊 藥材免過境
Wen Wei Po
13-2-2018 藥材頭頭尾尾 惠及方方面面
Wen Wei Po
13-2-2018 Pioneers of OLED technology inducted into Inventors Hall of Fame
Electronic Products and Technology (EP&T)
11-2-2018 星期日專題:科大生創拗手瓜會 北上挑機 難忘啟發大隻戰友覓志向
Apple Daily
11-2-2018 【聽我講…】極熱血!大學生FF「拗手瓜擂台」變事實
Apple Daily
11-2-2018 吸煙對血管傷害有多大?今天終於知道了!丨新年護心計劃之④【心臟和全身器官系列之23】
7-2-2018 港大科大中大打入亞洲大學排名頭十位
Hong Kong Commercial Broadcasting Co. Ltd
7-2-2018 Breakthrough HKUST-led research on mapping of HIV weak spots paves way for vaccine
South China Morning Post
7-2-2018 科大團隊借大數據研愛滋病毒變異 冀助科學家研發疫苗
Ming Pao
6-2-2018 Big data methods learn the fitness landscape of the HIV Envelope protein
Science Daily
6-2-2018 Asia University Rankings 2018: results announced
Times Higher Education
5-2-2018 Left Bank Bordeaux Cup 2018 Kicks off in China
The Drinks Business
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