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“HKUST in the Media” lists out a selection of news reports published related to the university’s research findings, expert opinions and activities.

16-10-2017 全球EMBA課程排名科大再居首 港大位列次席
16-10-2017 合办EMBA项目表现优异
Financial Times Chinese
16-10-2017 FT Executive MBA ranking 2017: a new challenger at number two
Financial Times
16-10-2017 倡靈活收生 吸青年投身科研
Hong Kong Economic Times
16-10-2017 科研扣稅利吸外企 帶動創科就業 科大校長:大灣區屬港發展 最後機會
Hong Kong Economic Times
16-10-2017 「大灣區為港創科最後機會」 陳:勿故步自封
Ming Pao
16-10-2017 陳繁昌:STEM如語文 學生須懂 促檢討新學制 盼收生更靈活
Ming Pao
16-10-2017 科大EMBA第八度膺全球“一哥”
Ta Kung Pao
15-10-2017 中共對外巨額援助 有你不知道的祕密(下)
  • Comments by SOSC Prof Ding Xueliang
15-10-2017 President Xi Jinping’s China Dream has population enthused about nation’s future
  • Comments by SOSC Prof David Zweig
ABC News
8-10-2017 亞太廣播聯盟機械人大賽2017 – 飛碟爭霸
RTHK TV program
3-10-2017 Blast from the past
The Standard
1-10-2017 治水與芭蕾要hold住 環境水力專家:找到 「人生鴉片」勿放棄
Ming Pao
1-10-2017 我們的科學家
RTHK TV program
29-9-2017 中美朝三國的博弈
  • Comments by ECON Emeritus Prof Francis Lui
Sky Post
28-9-2017 Why investors — and advisers — need to question myths about their performance
  • Comments by FINA Adjunct Prof Michael Edesess
Market Watch
28-9-2017 拟设数以亿计人才资金,松山湖2020年实现人才总量翻番
Sina News
28-9-2017 雞先還是蛋先:足以令理學院收生比炒股學院多的問題
28-9-2017 西蒙·懷特獲邵逸夫天文學獎
  • Comments by PHYS Prof Michael Wong
Hong Kong Commercial Daily
28-9-2017 China’s Great Wealth Transfer Falls to Reluctant Heirs
  • Comments by FINA Prof Roger King
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