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“HKUST in the Media” lists out a selection of news reports published related to the university’s research findings, expert opinions and activities.

15-12-2017 縱受惠稅改 「美國優先」削創科堪憂
  • Comments by FINA Adjunct Prof Jerome Yen
Hong Kong Economic Times
14-12-2017 New mechanism of action for DISC1, a psychiatric disorder agent, revealed by scientists
Medical Express
14-12-2017 Joint Lab on Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision Established
Technology Networks
14-12-2017 曠視科技聯姻香港科技大學 發力3D感知技術
14-12-2017 曠視科技聯姻香港科技大學 發力3D感知技術
14-12-2017 曠視科技聯姻香港科技大學 發力3D感知技術
13-12-2017 科大學者研蛋白基因異變 解構精神病理機制 助開發新藥 奪裘槎獎
Sing Tao Daily
13-12-2017 科大揭引發精神病基因變異機理
Ming Pao
13-12-2017 【港產發呆王】與彭浩翔同場鬥呆 科大生奪冠靠入定
Apple Daily
13-12-2017 Smart Hydrogels Eyed for Targeted Drug Delivery, Stem-Cell Therapy
Design News
13-12-2017 New Mechanism of Action for DISC1, Psychiatric Disorder Agent, Revealed by Scientists
Science Newsline
13-12-2017 New mechanism of action for DISC1, psychiatric disorder agent, revealed by scientists
13-12-2017 Physical cause of mental illnesses possibly found says HKUST professor
SCMP Young Post
12-12-2017 Why universities for the digital age are just the job for students
The Standard
12-12-2017 Why bitcoin may be the new gold for savvy investors
  • Comments by FINA adjunct associate professor Michael Edesess
South China Morning Post
12-12-2017 Hong Kong researchers discover crucial piece to mental illness puzzle
South China Morning Post
11-12-2017 In the zone: 90 minutes of doing nothing at all in Taipei ‘Space-out’
South China Morning Post
11-12-2017 繼港大Jasper之後 尋回犬Oscar為科大生減壓
Ming Pao
11-12-2017 期末試壓力大 科大派金毛狗狗幫手減壓【有片】
Hong Kong Economic Times TOPICK
10-12-2017 發呆大賽台灣站香港科大生奪冠 70分鐘唔准講嘢瞓覺
Apple Daily
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