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“HKUST in the Media” lists out a selection of news reports published related to the university’s research findings, expert opinions and activities.

Date Title Publication
21-6-2017 陳繁昌稱港創新思維落後
Ta Kung Pao
20-6-2017 港漂北漂兩地升學齊築夢
Ta Kung Pao
20-6-2017 本周Focus‧編者話:報讀STEAM 首要孩子有興趣
Ming Pao
20-6-2017 STEAM活動:製作測斜儀 水火箭 小小科學家訓練思維
Ming Pao
20-6-2017 STEAM活動:「STEAM」玩意不止啱理科孩子 小解難專家 夏天起動!
Ming Pao
20-6-2017 科大即場策略撼贏人工智能 勝出機械人大賽
20-6-2017 调查显示:中国企业着力应对劳动力成本持续上升的挑战
- Comments by IEMS Director Prof Albert Park
Xinhua Net
20-6-2017 China’s factory owners pick robots over job-hopping workers
- Comments by IEMS Director Prof Albert Park
South China Morning Post
19-6-2017 【暑假好去處】免費入科技大學 大玩STEM工程探索工作坊
19-6-2017 譚曉瑜明志義工:熱心堅持募義工 用愛感染身邊人
Wen Wei Po
19-6-2017 Business school where real-life crises provide valuable lessons
- Comments by FINA Prof Kasper Meisner Nielsen
Financial Times
19-6-2017 港初創公司利用大數據等 研發自動投資顧問系統
- Comments by MATH Prof Kwok Yue-kuen
TVB News
18-6-2017 大疆创新董事长李泽湘:大疆和汪滔只是一个开始
18-6-2017 科大生靠人腦贏出機械人大賽 將赴日本挑機
Apple Daily
17-6-2017 創新教學全民學習 小四女生:想發明機械人貢獻世界
17-6-2017 港科大團隊獲300萬元創業扶持
Ta Kung Pao
15-6-2017 Anbang’s Sales Dry Up in New Challenge for Chinese Insurers
- Comments by SOSC Prof David Zweig
The New York Times
14-6-2017 The robots are coming: here are some jobs that won’t exist in 10 years
- Comments by CSE Prof Yang Qiang
14-6-2017 Hong Kong academic combines technology and community service for a winning formula
- An interview with ECE Prof Woo Kam-tim
South China Morning Post
14-6-2017 巨头新零售大战愈演愈烈
- Comments by CSE Prof Yang Qiang
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