HKUST in the Media

“HKUST in the Media” lists out a selection of news reports published related to the university’s research findings, expert opinions and activities.

Date Title Publication
2-8-2017 製懷舊電視播金曲 望減腦退化速度
2-8-2017 科大畢業生 設低碳遊網站推動環保
Sing Tao Daily
2-8-2017 科大跨學科 EVMT 學生爭入讀
Hong Kong Economic Times
1-8-2017 6.7人爭一學位 科大EVMT為何咁搶手?
Hong Kong Economic Times TOPICK
30-7-2017 China’s cash and American troops are inspiring fine balancing act from US allies in East Asia
- Comments by SOSC Prof David Zweig
South China Morning Post
26-7-2017 解構社會百態
Hong Kong Economic Journal
26-7-2017 科大人文學人類學者 助大澳遊涌申遺 領學生保育傳統
Hong Kong Economic Journal
25-7-2017 神奇!这个玻璃幕墙可变色“降温”
Sina News
24-7-2017 人工智能会抢走你的饭碗吗
- Comments by CSE Prof Yang Qiang
Sina News
24-7-2017 Hong Kong teams triumph in International Physics Olympiad and Mathematical Olympiad (with photos)
24-7-2017 科大生當工作坊導師 重塑自我志當教師
Sing Tao Daily
23-7-2017 儒家文化的历史绩效
- Comments by SOSC Prof James Kung
Sina News
22-7-2017 The Future of Artificial Intelligence: Why the Hype Has Outrun Reality
- Comments by ECE Prof Pascale Fung
Fair Observer
21-7-2017 被DQ的「議員」何去何從?
- Comments by ECON Emeritus Prof Francis Lui
Sky Post
21-7-2017 Government urged to boost IT spending
20-7-2017 Hydrogel Enables Light-Controlled Cell Release
Asian Scientist
20-7-2017 獲研資局資助 4大學研液態電燃料
Ming Pao
20-7-2017 陳繁昌﹕香港社會文化令學生保守
Ming Pao
20-7-2017 Scientists are using the universe as a ‘cosmological collider’
Harvard Gazette
20-7-2017 香港将举行“创科博览2017” 推动营造社会创科氛围
Sina News
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