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“HKUST in the Media” lists out a selection of news reports published related to the university’s research findings, expert opinions and activities.

Date Title Publication
21-3-2017 科大工程女生「論油」揚威國際
Wen Wei Po
20-3-2017 Hong Kong Election Follows Unrest, Uncertainty
- Comments by SOSC Prof David Zweig
Voice of America
20-3-2017 Rebalancing trade with Asia while confronting the dark side of globalization
- Comments by SOSC Prof Harry Harding
Logistics Management
18-3-2017 內地生香港圓創業夢 盡用兩地優勢
Phoenix TV
17-3-2017 Scientists reveal open-ringed structure of Cdt1-Mcm2-7 complex
17-3-2017 「傑出領袖」頒獎禮 冠蓋雲集
Sing Tao Daily
16-3-2017 亞洲大學排名 港大兩連跌至第5位 科大維持排名第6
16-3-2017 科大商學院擬發展金融科技
Sing Tao Daily
13-3-2017 科大推25周年特刊
Ta Kung Pao
10-3-2017 GPA非首要 需擅溝通了解問題
Hong Kong Economic Times
10-3-2017 推醫療紀錄App 照「機」執藥
Hong Kong Economic Times
10-3-2017 收集視網膜影像 雲端系統分析
Hong Kong Economic Times
10-3-2017 科大生赴東南亞 以科技解醫療問題 手提裝置驗糖尿眼 設電子病歷紀錄
Hong Kong Economic Times
10-3-2017 港不可再蹉跎歲月
Ta Kung Pao
10-3-2017 廖長城:大灣區應打造華南創科中心
Ta Kung Pao
9-3-2017 Kenapa Anda sebaiknya tidak mengatakan ‘saya sibuk’
- Comments by MARK Prof Christine Kim
BBC News
9-3-2017 Asia Universities Summit to open in South Korea
The Yonhap News
9-3-2017 中国警告:美国和朝鲜正走向冲突
Voice of America
8-3-2017 China Warns US, North Korea Heading for Collision
- Comments by SOSC Prof Ding Xueliang
Voice of America
4-3-2017 工學院教中小生造飛船
- Comments by SENG Dean Prof Tim Cheng
Ta Kung Pao
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