Great Minds and Entrepreneurial Spirit

Claire Chan
Final Year Student, Dual Degree Program in Technology Management
Founder of Sensbeat

During my four years at HKUST, I have been provided with opportunities that I would never have even thought about at high school. In studying at HKUST, I have had the chance to travel the world for different conferences and competitions on topics ranging from technology to human liberation. I have met and talked to world leaders, studied in another top global university, founded “HKUST Great Minds” to spread the power of ideas, and participated in voluntary work on the other side of the world. Crucially,HKUST also helped me to meet a group of talented people with similar interests, which is how we came to create our emotion-sharing app called Sensbeat.

Original co-founders Leo Wong, Ben Chan and Conrad Lo initially established Sensbeat following a meeting amongst themselves in the Library.But word quickly spread at HKUST. I joined the team soon after,along with other members,as Sensbeat began to gain more recognition.

Why join a start-up enterprise? I believe people at HKUST are special. We are passionate and courageous. HKUST has also provided a great deal of support since Sensbeat was formed. Sensbeat is currently focused on sharing emotion through music. Our professors have been very willing to share their experiences and networks to help us, and we have been able to gain knowledge from their research in relevant areas, such as music pattern recognition and other interesting subjects. This process of seeking knowledge has been really enriching, and can only be done at university where people are generous and sincere in sharing their passion.

Great Minds and Entrepreneurial Spirit_HKUST Student Claire Chan 1_photo

Sensbeat at thein Venture Entrepreneurship Festival

I am glad to see that HKUST has been increasing its efforts to promote entrepreneurship, through the Entrepreneurship Center and activities such as the Venture Entrepreneurship Festival. For a student start-up, such support can be decisive. With the ecosystem HKUST is trying to create, I believe that we all have a higher potential to succeed. Sensbeat is now close to being launched publicly and we are all very excited about making HKUST proud and, eventually, Hong Kong proud.

Great Minds and Entrepreneurial Spirit_HKUST Student Claire Chan 2_photo

Sensbeat Application