The logo design bears a simple message:
"The red bird soars."

Inspired by the University's popular red sundial, the red bird symbolizes the University. The number "10" displayed in perspective view represents the University's 10th anniversary and ten years of achievements. Graphically, it also suggests a runway from which the red bird is taking off.


The perspective lines enhance the visual interest of the logo, and suggest speed and depth. The full color version of the logo consists of three colors-red (the bird), silver (the runway) and navy blue (the slogan). While red is the natural choice for the "bird", silver is used for the runway to convey a bright,
hi-tech and futuristic look.

As the logo shows, the 10th anniversary is only the beginning of exciting developments to come. From the foundations laid down in the first 10 years, we are now set to launch ourselves to even greater heights.